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  1. Sandy wasn't too bad in Pittsburgh, so we weathered the storm at our favorite tex mex place.


    Hey Ray, what restaurant is this? I can't eat the stuff, but my girlfriend loves it, and I could taker her there next time we come up that way. The ones we have here serve mostly pre made frozen crap

  2. ^Boondockers?

    Boondockers isn't a maker, it is a type of boot. These have a rivet which is consistent with USArmy service boots, boondockers are USMC and do not have a rivet. Given the shoddy stitching shown (which seams consistent with any repro of these that are not made in Japan), I will guess they are from AtTheFront.

  3. Hey folks, I have a pair of LVC 1873s ducks, 555 Valencia St. that I am looking to possibly trade or sell. Anyone interested?

    16.5" waist

    13" front rise

    17" back rise

    12.5" thigh

    9.5" knee

    8.5" hem

    34" inseam

    46" outseam


  4. Been away from this for ALL of too long. Anyhow, traveling back to NY for Thanksgiving family reunion:


    Hat : ONLY NY

    Shirt : Uniqlo

    Denim : Warehouse #700 Cinch-Back

    Socks : J.Crew

    Boots : Red Wing GTs

    Holy crap man, you are still wearing them, they are your signature look now. Nice to see you around here again on one of my own rare visits. Hows college?

  5. the opposite of what this thread is for, but does anyone know how to get suspender buttons/rivets off remove? I have a pair of jeans that the buttons seem to be placed incorrectly and I want to move them.

    they look like this


  6. I should have posted these here before ebay, but it just slipped my mind. Happy to end the auction early if someone here wants them. Check out my other auctions if you go looking. ebay link

    These are brand new pairs of LVC Levi's Vintage Clothing 1944 & 1966 501s tagged size 32/36. Both soaked once and tried on once.

    1944 $170 Sold

    1966 $160

    Save me some ebay fees

    These are before and after measurements:



    waist 17

    f/rise 13

    b/rise 16 1/2

    thigh 12

    knee 9

    hem 8 3/4

    inseam 36 1/2


    waist 16

    f/rise 12

    b/rise 15 1/5

    thigh 11 1/2

    knee 8 1/2

    hem 8 1/2

    inseam 33 1/2






    waist 16 1/4

    f/rise 11 1/2

    b/rise 16 1/2

    thight 12 1/4

    knee 9 1/2

    hem 8 1/4

    inseam 36


    waist 15 1/2

    f/rise 11

    b/rise 16

    thigh 11 1/2

    knee 9 1/8

    hem 8

    inseam 34





  7. They are pretty f-in great looking..... Now *rummaging through closet* , what can I sell so I can order a pair....

    show some pictures of what you wanna sell buddy!

    I would love to see a showdown between both of you guy's Wesco Narrow Engineers. Feels so good to tease myself with something that will never be available to me.

  8. I found a lot of information and many posts on the M43 roughout boots, but not so much on the M42.

    So I've been researching the M42 russet service shoes.

    Would be great to see worn in ones and hear your opinion on them.

    This is a worn pair of the WWII Impressions USMC boots from further down your posts. I thought they looked ok, but they ended up selling for $40.




  9. anybody here using pointer brand painter pants?

    need info for sizing and shrinkage please


    true to size in my experience (if you want the waist to fit), and shrink very little. I have only had the natural/white color, don't know if the shrink/size is the same across the board

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