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  1. ^^^ same here, I just can't get them to get back to me about anything consistently. This seems to be an ongoing issue, for us at least, it doesn't seem to bother them at all. I wish didn't love there stuff so much sometimes

  2. Point taken Illumin8um, its just people can be assholes, and there's no need for that. If he was on some Indigo Queen shit, then by all means, but he seems sincere.

    Sure, but it was Ed. If you have been around long enough or care to look follow his replies since the sufu gates were reopened to him, then you know what to expect. Gotta love the guy.

    The #38 Swing Last is one that I was eyeing.

    I was eyeing a block heel but ultimately went with my gut decision to go with as little customization as possible, simply adding leather pull tabs ($10) and a full composite sole on the standard SD boot directly from White's in their dark brown.

    The only other thing I would consider tweaking -- if it's even possible -- would be to darken the stitching at the sole (rather than white) and to make the midsole and heel one single dark color rather than the natural leather/wood/rubber (whatever the materials are composed of) look.

    See, swing last, block heel, you almost went and made a clown boot. I kid, kinda, not really, but to each his own. Although I think I have seen more folks regret getting the swing last than those who do not.

    Leather pull tabs on a boot that has four lace holes and two speed hooks, the softest tongue you could want, and opens wide enough to fit your knee into it?

    The sole stitching will darken with use, or application of Ob's, unless they are only worn to church. In that case you should buy an inexpensive bottle of Fiebing's sole & heel dressing and apply it to your liking.

    The contrast in color of the stacked leather heel is appealing to most, just adding to the old world, hand made look of the boot. If it is a bother, you should buy an inexpensive bottle of Fiebing's sole & heel dressing and apply it to your liking.

    I think that was "Semi" helpful

  3. jesus christ, give him a break.

    You gotta start somewhere. apparently these guys forgot that.

    go to www.buildaboot.com and just screw around with options. its not the most realistic in terms of how the boot looks, but it gives you a place to start.

    Bestie already had the answer to part of his question, " Like, more options than the whites websight. Which is pretty simplistic (which I love as a FNG)." He has already been there, and seen the standard SD that he is looking for. The rest is just preference and if he is unfamiliar with boots or White's or the options available, then it is on him to figure out what he likes. If he starts off taking advice about options from the new batch of folks around here is is gonna pop his cherry with a block heel or triple leather sole and completely miss the point of getting a pair of White's. There is no getting that virginity back once it's gone. Many of us who can or were willing to contribute to such questions didn't have a "builadboot.com". Come to think of it, maybe that is why we are scarce anymore... need to make room for the new ways.

    Was that a can of worms?

  4. Finally found time to complete my project.


    You never responding to any of my questions doesn't change the fact that you have the best looking pair of engineer boots ever.

    I am completely sold that the higher ankle strap would cure all of my heel slip/flop issue in my boots. Now how to afford the pair reserved for me that arriving in a couple weeks?

  5. Well, Danner has decided to venture into the worker/dress boot section, I don't even think they can be resoled. Grew up on Danner, so this has me divided at the moment.

    I don't see why they couldn't be resoled, "classic 270 stitching" don't know what that is, but you can see in the picture of the sole bottoms that they are sewn on. This doesn't make them any more attractive though. Still love my Danner Lite's

  6. I've had some stuff come up, and I'm looking to sell my Road Champs. I haven't worn them in about 6 months, and some stuff has come up in my life... If anyone is interested shoot me a PM. Size 11.5.

    I wish they were a size smaller my man, I'd love to help ya out and own a pair. Hope all is well

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