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  1. Ohh yeah! Prove it. Can't just say stuff without any proof. Lets see em.

    I got a whole list of things i need pictures of.

    I need a wayw pic or two, some pictures of my MOTOs (you can never have enough) and some evo pics of my riders and Kato.

    I need a cam.

  2. A mute-deaf mafioso decides to steal a large amount of money from his boss.

    He gets caught and after 3 hours of "convincing" he decides to tell them where the money are, thinking he might get away with just having his legs sawn of.

    They call in a translater and the mute-deaf tells that he has hidden the dough on warehouse 3 down at the mole, which the translater calmly translates to the boss as:

    "He says you can go fuck yourself and that your mother sucks elephantcock"

  3. Hey chantheman - I bought the 5 and 6 year old Jomon as O/W and have worn them concurrently. They were not worn or distressed in any way nor were the t-shirts. The three t-shirts are from the same season; I bought a number of them because I liked them. Glad too, because they haven't made the same t-shirt again since.

    So.. did this guy just beat the whole denim game?

    Do we have a medal for these sort of occasions?

  4. that they stick around long enough for you to spread the love of Jesus.

    All over their faces and eventually a bit inside one or two boys who are "special in gods eyes"?

  5. nightclubs and dancing are fun bro

    And honestly, who gives a fuck what you are dancing to?

    The "better" the music gets the more hipsters you'll have standing around talking about how great the tune is instead of actually dancing, which the music is all about.

    I could go on to "step in the name of love" all night long for all i care.

  6. When you walk around the house the morning after half naked like it's all you ever wear.

    Touchy feely girls.

    Bare soft skin.

    Keeps eye contact for a good 10 seconds without actually saying anything.

    Are alive during sex. Nothing like sex with a good 20% fight in it.

    When you are feminine in your appearance. I'm not specific about any kind of trim or cut as long as i can see that there is thought behind the madness.

    When you loosen your hair.

    When you are nerdy about something.

    And just once in a while i want a mean bitch that is playing the whole floor like a fucking piano.

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