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  1. Hey man, what size are the Jomon? Don't let em sit in your closet, sell them to me!
    I want a pair of jomon.....REALLY BAD.....:(

    What size do you guys need? I'm selling a size 29.

  2. My hayfever and how it kills so much of my summer fun.

    I don't want to wake up at 5 am with a burning throat.

    I don't want tears dropping from my right eye at a constant page as soon as it's later than 7 pm.

  3. I'm imagining a lot of you being american and complaining about it.

    We got it worse over here in europe, especially up north where the healthcare system works so well.

    Here we are with our taxes paying for every obeese person.

    You got sick because of your overweight? "Free" healthcare will take care of you.

    Social conscience is going down the drain.

    If this is not making a lot of sense it's because i just woke up.

    Edit Smashcut to the frontpage of the our biggest newschannel where one of the news are:

    "Every third patient with smokers lungs feels like the national healthcare system isn't helping them enough with quitting the smokes"

    Christ, what have this world come to?

    Bite the sour apple, bitches!

  4. man saturday night/sunday morning was crazy me and my friend picked up these 3 chicks and partied til like 10-12 am-pm right after i made that post about that tease my friends fiance comes to bring my friend his food. shit went down yo...i didnt know what the fuck to say since im friends with her too and im not thje type to push my beliefs on other people and i didnt want to butt in their relationship but damn i feel really weirded out and awkward. i can go into more detail but i doubt anyone would wanna read my scribbles

    I'm not really following. Did you have your friends fiance?

    On another note, i've come to realise that I have an aw(e)full taste in music.

    Right now i have "say something" with Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg running non-stop.

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