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  1. That's probably because they are denim, not elastic. They aren't going to be snug to his body unless he's standing up straight.

    That's probably a good point.

    Also i figure it's like wearing a belt without needing it, so i retract my rant.

  2. You really think people wear MF suspenders to hold their pants up?
    the suspenders though look really thick. Like lumberjack style and not really vintage holding your pants up style...

    Come on guys. I mean.. you do see it, right? That it's a bit weird to wear suspenders without them actually holding anything up?

    In the first picture they are even flapping out.

  3. desktop1k.jpg

    ticks biting my dick.

    yes pubes.

    What were you doing? Swinging your dick in the woods? Then it's okay.


    Clubs with great and hip electronic music, but with no one dancing.

  4. No Future Destroy


    Right and bright Future do not want.

    does eating fruit from the trees in your parents backyard count as organic?

    Do you tell your friend how cool it is that you are able to go pic completely natural and organic fruits in your parents garden?

    No? then you are fine.

  5. Our moto will be:

    "Fuck your english gardens. We are the pile of shit on your poppyfields"

    The revolution starts in Copenhagen. Spread the word.

    Also your first assignment will be to fuck up that organic hotdogstand on købmagergade for good!

  6. I want to start a subculture that revels in bad taste.

    You can't eat anything organic.

    You can't listen to trendy music.

    You can't drink beers from microbreweries.

    You can't pay more than 20 dkr (3,5 usd) for a cup of coffee.

    You can't go to in clubs.

    We'll all be dancing to a combination of trance and braindead westcoast banger music, eat shitty hotdogs and drink instantcoffee.

    Viva la vida!

  7. ...

    Stupid nice!

    great jeans, nice wear, I ought to wear my green ones more.

    Anyone got fades on the green ones?

    I really want to do a world tour with a pair of green Kapitals.

    Though already in the "green" nfs world tour, it could be funny as hell.

    I'm bohoing enough to rock Kapital atm.

  8. @opie, I agree that the process is amazing. but the price of denim is not entirely related to its process. There is nothing shameful to buy directly from source and get a good deal. 50%-60% (i.e. around 110% markup) of the price you pay goes towards the middleman -the retailer. if we cut out the middleman it's natural that we pay less.

    I take it back then. It just sounded like the first thought was "kan i haz 4 cheep" instead of ?!?1?"show me the pictures of your indigobath!".

    From nerd to average consumer ;)

    Also i'm sure he'll sell straight from source.

  9. can we buy these directly from you? any discounts for sufu?
    Same thing.

    Plebs. Just fucking plebs.

    You are seeing this whole amazing process and the first thing that springs to mind is a fucking discount?

    For shame! :mad:

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