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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. After a soak and a wash (don't ask, i was panicing) i tried with alcohol and after some time, a lot of it went away. Due to the paper posted by theetruscan i should try with glycerol, which i will in about an hour. Sorry about the lacking pics btw. no camera around : /

  2. During work last night, a pen "exploded" in my apron, ruining my unwashed 3 month old imperial dukes. I tried to wash them, which only made the ink go into the faded areas. Does anyone have any experience with cleaning ink of their jeans? : /

    (and yes, i've searched for a similar question)

  3. The flathead-belt is great, but i tend to stay away from anything with the word "nickle" in it, so i would probably chose the ironheart one.


    Unless you are rocking full ironheart in 25+ degrees celcius,

    don't even talk to me.

  4. ^agreed.

    they looked good on my ex girlfriends mom though :)

    What part of your sick, little, twisted, indigo infected, mind convinced you that we wanted to know that :confused:

    now that we are talking about weird jeans, does anyone "in here" has experience with mizra jeans?

  5. Surfing around blueingreensoho.com i came about these pair of stitch's jeans:


    The price chocked med quite a bit. The only thing i see that differs this stitch's model from all the other is the sterling silverwear and the Black Pearl. Does anyone have any experience with these jeans that can justify the price? or is it just pirates of the caibbean fanboys who buys these blackpearl jeans?


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