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  1. in your face athiests these guys are more obnoxious then the religious people that knock on your doors.

    I'm with you here.

    The worst are, sorry to all people american in here, americans that become atheist.

    Good for you, really, but why the hell do you need to present it like it's something you invented.

    I hate those newly 'converted' atheists that gets of over the most fundamental facts.

    "no, jesus didn't walk on water. What do you want? A fucking medal, Sherlock?"

    /rant stemming from bumping into some american chick one night.

  2. Damn, it's a shame you can't order from him directly...

    I wear a US11 in 875's and that's supposed to be 29cm.

    I can wear a 10.5 in RW GT's without my insoles, my feet measure 28.3cm, so I think a US12 is a bit bigger then 28cm... :rolleyes:

    thanks for linking his page, he does have amazing stuff and I'm sure the qaulity is second to none.

    I like the interior design of his wallets alot.

    however, purely based on design, I think his monkeyboots and the trickers monkeyboots resemble eachother:


    btw, where do you guys get your MOTO stuff from?

    I am considering the coincase he makes and maybe a wallet...

    I'm afraid the shoes might be a tad too small for me

    That front, because i assume that's what you are talking about, is simply how monkey boots look.

    It's all in the details :P

    I especially can't stand the lip on those.

    I'm the source. I visited the moto store in Tokyo last year and since making a purchase there, I am able to have them ship to me now. I was able to hook up Opie cause he wears the same size as me. I'm going back at the end of next month....I could probably grab a wallet or coin case while I am there.

    Just a little vouch for this mans reliability and 'service'

  3. I'm generally a 12.5/13 in US Sizing. 12 in desert boots/gentleman travellers/whites. I really want those Motos. :(

    I really wouldn't do this unless you get an opportunity to try them on if i were you.

    I'm a 9 and my desert boots in size 2 fits like a glove, but i wouldn't want them any smaller.

  4. You saying you don't like MOTO?

    Do a 180, man.

    sorry man, don't wanna step on anyone's toes here, imho they both look very nice and the design is quite similar, I have no clue of how they compare in quality though...



    Maybe the monkey boots are a bad example, but Trickers can't hold a candle to MOTO.

    This shit is art.

    You should see his leatherjackets.

  5. Thank you Lance, they sound interesting and expensive......lol....you love indigo shirts, i remember you have a lot lol.:D

    Have you try on the new Jomon cut? if so, how do you like it?:cool:

    I don't know should i wait for the new Fujimon or just the new jomon.....if i'm gonna get the new jomon, i probably might just get one in N.Y store, cause it's pretty much the same price if i get them from Japan with all the exchange rate, proxy fees and everything anyway.

    If you want a pair of Jomons this is where i'll be shameless and plug my pair. 29/33?

    edit Christ, that is your size! Special price. Just for you!

  6. Coming from a dyed wool atheist, that tattoo is fucking stupid.

    It might be because you are american and feel oppressed or something like that, but as soon as you leave the bible belt it's not provocating or interesting.

    You might as well get a tattoo that says

    "Social liberal - AAARRRGGGHHH!" or

    "i think we should do something about climate change - AAARRRGGGHHH".

    In short: Nobody gives a fuck.

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