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  1. Lol oh man anybody else love the "rides of shame" ?

    Better than have a desinated driver you just hop on and lay the fuck down until to your stop. Lol some kid rode the #4 train all the way uptown because he was laid out.. When he heard "This is Fordham Road" he jumped out the seat confused lol.. Guess he missed 96 st lol

    *person laying out on the subway seats just fucking done*

  2. Some what true Charles I check Styleforum sometimes, but the fact of the matter is he is still bitter off of something that happened about a month ago. Like I said in my previous post I usually just ignore dude. He can go on with his little personal vendetta , im done with it though, bitchassness is at a all time high right now it seems.

  3. Pay is fantastic for a fashion retailer lol foreal.. man

    It seems everything is going good , its just the prepping of the store and getting aware of the previous history and such..

    the dress code .. i dont think there is one as long as your not exposing any inappropriate parts your good to go. tats and piercings are encouraged or w.e id say pretty leanant

  4. FIT got some good stuff .. Sayword If i could answer a bit, but like everyone at my job is either at LIM , NYU,FIT .. sheesh the girls.. ** shakes head ** seems like they just hired a bunch of hipster girls and I have no problem with that.. go topshop do the thing lol

  5. I personally appreciate everyone chiming in on this <3 .. I respect everyone's opinion ofcourse . Even the negative one people say what the fuck they want. Kyle pretty much hit it on the head though.

    and Leo popeyez is disgusting ..


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