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  1. looks good for what it is i think u be attempting. what is that stuff on your wrists? where is your shukr? in your back pocket?

    some bracelets from my job and ish .. yes it is in my back pocket lol

    Some where, superbobo is wanting to stomp you with his wooden clogs

    lolololol shit made me spit out my cereal

    damn juvenile killin it , evan, mellow fellow , just good shit to everyone lol

    whats up nf one and jeepster real coo chattin the other day

  2. Whoa, didnt know was still going on , good point Hap.

    hmmm looking at the picture carefully there is a little "bit" too much of sag right there something I would correct as If I started walking.

    For some reason i cant tuck in toungue and all that with Clarks, otheer wise with OC Desert boots leave them laced up its just a more cleaner look in my opinion .

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