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  1. Procrastination got to me.. should I.. call out from work the whole day and study or go to work comeback at 10 PM and cram the whole night until morning..

    mind you i called out yesterday also. lol

  2. Yeah I agree with you, my boy is trying to convince me that this is the best stuff out right now.. I'm telling him yes, that's in the south maybe.. lol i could bump it but cant take it serious what so ever.

  3. Disregard other comment just rambling on topic... my dude

    jmat its hard to explain but I do agree with people who say its hard to distinguish that in a picture , but at the same time other people say maybe you develop some kind of heuristic view of someone just based off the picture and shit and how akward they look in their clothes.. nigs look uncomfortable.. then jump to concluison ohh man hes lacking swag.. . Its something that you could easily tell in person more than online ... / 2 cents

    edit - lol aha jmat it was jokes man your taking it too literal my responses that is..

  4. IMO, swagger is hard to tell over the enterwebs, but STEEZ isn't.

    very true my brother..

    people just classify it as "do you look comfortable?" I see it more as a lack of charisma sometimes lol

  5. point is.. swag has been around since people have been around, some people just lack it theres no way to increase your swagger. Thats like seeing someone with a forced swag, i see this a lot in person, the diddy bop walk, the handshake so forced.. with the movements. To me some people have it others dont lol its always a dumb concept though..

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