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  1. But at the same time Asians are successful in the fields they choose, but it seems Politics seems not to be one of them. As far as what I notice though seems to still have that real strong connection with their homeland maybe? I don't know just shooting here

  2. Whitney : Just little things but after you gave your piece on it , it fades out in my mind as just different cultures that are used to various ways of doing things. Yeah I was just spewing out my personal experience with my friends a lot of them date Asian women so I'm like whats going on there lol thats all

    William lol thats true I like Asian girls, but thats what any race I guess I don't hold anything back based on race/ethnici... Your right about hood dudes do scold Asian girls for lack of body, they want some od azz/titaysss

    Another thing thats funny is my good friend/co-worker Rich who is Filipino grew up in L.E.S and everything is allowed to say nigga and everyone is cool with it , all carry on good

    But co-worker at my job is also 100 %Filipino and I know if he said it people would be like "whatt..." lol thats just something funny I peeped. There are a lot of Cambodians in the Bronx also and everyone is cool with the nigga stuff just something funny I found.

  3. that fit is an eyesore Kissi....lose the tie, untuck the shirt and change the shoes to less beefy lowcuts. Those long shorts (or short pants) with chukkas is making your legs look dwarfish...get some deck shoes maybe

    True, I wouldn't go that far though lol damn son, but in all seriousness this was a second thought going with the wallys instead of clean profile shoes I had in mind the first time it was just that I didn't have it so I tried to make due with what I had. I like to hear peoples opinion on things like this , I mean we all try new things to see whats up. Personally I like my outfit ofcourse the way it is just change of shoes would be all I would change, and unrolling the pants for it doesn't look too much like shorts. thanks for the feedback though man

    I always dig your steeze and us Bx boyz need to stick together but there's way too much goin on with this one. I dig the pants but think they don't work so well as long shorts. This whole aesthetic is too busy for me. The patch pants are cool but not in this context. I have a pair somewhere. However, I love that you are not afraid to "push the envelope" and are willing to experiment. I'd rep if I could

    Thanks man yeah I know what you mean I tried to use different textures/palettes for this one to see what I could come up with to make it work. We need to chill one of these summer days man riverdale it up man lol

    basically what i was thinking

    but keep doing you my dude

    and if we upset you a bit, just hop on over to HB....there will definitely be a slew of youngsters that will tell you that you can't do wrong.


    Lol Charles thats why I didn't post over there man I know what I will get there , and I know what I will get here and Styleforum honest opinions and feedback about it.

    I rather people say something about my fit then just past it and +rep , my problem is I get bored quick with a routine fit so I try to do new things.

    +rep for all of ya

    This is pretty throwed.

    good looks my brother its been a while man, pm me

  4. Because asians from the home continent believe in heirarchy, not common, democratic courtesy. People in service and retail industries in asia tend to be temp workers imported from rural areas. They are the ultimate in cheap, nameless, and disposeable labor and are treated as such.

    Ok cool. I treat them the same way lol

    because you aren't asian and you don't understand their ways, ergo whats norm to them is rude to you

    Yeah, but I'm open minded to things like this because myself I'm a person thats 1st gen and stuff , so I try to understand

  5. yeah might have that southern joint on it hmm

    I dont eat sea food so scrimmmpppsss and grits wouldnt hold without me throwing up and being fatally sick afterwards lol

    thats how all my southern family say shrimps - schrimpsssss lol

  6. I mean in that look yeah I was a bit, but yeah I def agree with something with a more slimmer profile had to work with what I had so ran with it is the explanation for that I guess. Definitely looking into various..

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