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  1. Nah man I like the denim tie fuck that! lol

    Clarks eyyy.. was a second option to chestnut suede desert boots from j.crew, but hey I think AE has more of the corny/duckish colorways when it comes to madras/plaids there is a definitely a difference imo

  2. jkissi, shit looks good 4 what u always doing, but yr pants look like they gonna fall off again. man...if you fart everyone gonna know.

    I know man its a illusion! damn long ass pockets on CM pants and white belt lol idk man

    jkissi cant rep but those shoes are nice

    thanks mann

    you can take the man out the hood

    but you can't take the hood out the man

    bellleeeeeeee dat

    im a hoooodd dreammmerr

  3. jkissi..that basket of shoes you took pics of from the pop up flea....who made the shoes? billykirk?

    Yo dunkin it was a plethora of different brands in there. vintage shoes scored some $48 dollar shoes in there sick about to redo them up man..

    Jelly , I really dont like the wrinkles on it too much either, but hey it serves its purpose def know what you mean

  4. Damn 33 pages on Drake lol would never expect to see this on sufu , maybe boxden or some music forum.

    I'm not going to lie I bump a few of his songs the only thing that annoys me just a little bit is he is from Canada, but sounds like he is from the South/Midwest I guess thats just his flow. Too obvious , but he meshed Lil Wayne/Kanye to make what he is. Whatever the way the game is now I can't complain.

    There is also a new guy named J.Cole from North Carolina first artist signed to Rocnation Jay-Z's new label




    dude is nice to me .. sounds a lil similar to drake, or drake does to him but hes from NC lol

  5. JKissi has always got fresh color palettes and this one is just as great, and I don't mind the Wallabees nor the pocket square, I just think that shirt is too small to be doing the air tie with, the shirt would look better with the top one or two buttons undone, to mesh better with the loose Wallys and casually cuffed shorts, and the handkerchief.


    Hang the DJ , i kind of agree with everyone saying loosen up first button for that particular fit because wit h the wallys it does give off that more casual vibe than anything.

    This is one time where I cant squeeze out of this one lol

  6. What a fucking coincidence besides the shirt sizing I have been wearing the exact thing! Even down to the wallies loos as fuck! NO SOX

    lol worrrd man shirt is cool

    Rocky it fits ok but sometimes I get anal with it thinking about taking it just a bit on the sides lol. An XS fits my body type the best on how slim I want it , but obv the sleeves will be of no use, the one I'm wearing is a S though .

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