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  1. those kor one bottles look pretty nice, but can anyone recommend something that's 1L or more?

    I ordered a Klean Kanteen wide-mouth 27oz after two years of owning a Nalgene, and I love it. It's made out of food-grade stainless steel (so no weird plastic liner like aluminum bottles) AND the inside of the cap is stainless steel too. So 100% steel environment, no metal flavor, no weird plastic dioxins that give you ball cancer.

    They make a 40oz and a 64oz too, which would suit your requirement. I highly recommend this product. It might not be one-handed opening, but I definitely wouldn't trade mine back for my old Nalgene. Make sure you order the wide-mouth, because by default they come with the stainless-inner caps.


    by the way, the threads are on the outside, and the mouth is nowhere as wide as this picture would lead you to believe. This pic is of the 40oz version...

  2. My mom loves to watch Korean dramas, but since she is Japanese she really prefers watching them with Japanese subtitles (even though she can understand Korean.)

    I taught her how to use torrents a long time ago and and she's mastered the skill. But recently, she asked me to figure out this program called Share, which is a Japanese P2P. Unsurprisingly it has all the new releases with subtitles.

    The only drawback is that it's incredibly difficult to figure out. With that said, does anybody know some good torrent sites that might serve her needs? She's already on D-addicts and asiatorrents. PM me if need be. Thanks for your time :o

  3. anyone can recommend some other pens in 0.4mm that come in multiple colours too? ballpoint, gel, just something that flows well, looks clean etc.

    i dont like multipens...

    +1 for Pentel Slicci. Writes like butter, for 0.4mm. Order a 10-pack off eBay for the best value...

  4. I used dreamhost for a year, in 2005 I think. They were running a promotion for their seventh anniversary, and if you punched in the code "777" they would charge you $7 for a whole year of webhosting + free domain registration. It was a crazy deal... but sadly it no longer exists. I can, however, vouch for Dreamhost. Rock-solid and plenty of storage/bandwidth.

  5. People who talk in the middle of class for sustained periods of time. I don't care if they want to nap or play on their phone while the professor does his/her lecture, but I get royally pissed if people distract me with their dumb-shit conversation. I get a lot of satisfaction out of stopping the lecture and telling people to shut up. It's so inconsiderate. I'm pretty sure that's not weird.

  6. i'm not totally comfortable with last nights party...pics provided are always great stuff...but i'm suspecting almost fake parties over there i mean every party the photographer gets in people gets naked....or maybe there's something i don't get

    It makes you wonder... what kind of person gets naked for an internet party photographer? Anybody serious about their career would most definitely NOT do that... :confused:

    Are these people super rich or planning on working in retail the rest of their lives...?

  7. blahblahblah giant wall of text

    I'll be making my 3rd trip to Tokyo this summer. At one point I was just like you, in that I was going nuts thinking about all the stuff I was gonna buy. But if there's one thing that I've learned, it's that there is no such thing as having too much money in Tokyo. While it's nice to go around splurging on $200 shoes and $500 pieces of luggage, that money will go a loooong way in buying you meals, drinks, train tickets, accommodations, and fun nightlife. Memories made on travel adventures last much longer than any sneaker or backpack you could buy.

    But maybe I'm wrong, perhaps you've got a larger budget than I'm guessing you have. But if you're a student like me, you may want to at least hold off on all those big-ticket purchases until the last few days of your stay in the area.


    On a related note, I'm super excited to be going back. I'll be staying in Koenji again (same place as last time) and I'll have had 2 semesters of Japanese classes under my belt. I've been gettin some strong cravings for taiyaki, Isetan basement, and Mr. Donut...

  8. Definitely doesn't improve on MW2 it's pretty different - they sort of stole some of the ideas from MW2 and implemented them in similar ways (made scoping way more important / melee) but it's definitely a Battlefield game for all that means. It's nowhere near as tactile as MW2 (feels like you kind of float around all the time and the physics with jumping and things are wonky so just exacerbates it) and the EA netcode is bad as always so everything's kind of laggy.

    You've got some valid points, but I think your description of the physics and "response" of the game is overly critical. It might not have the hair-trigger feel of MW2, but it's not a run-and-gun game. BC2 supposedly offers a deeper multiplayer experience because it demands cooperation, and forces the player to adapt to destructible environments and master vehicle combat as well. As for your generalization regarding EA's "netcode," I suspect that their priority would be offering players an online experience equal or superior to that of MW2, no?

    You're right though, they offer completely different styles of multiplayer, so the comparison is a little unwarranted. I was just trying to see how many sufu peeps would be getting this, since so many of us seem to love military gaming....


  9. not to take this off topic, but any of you guys gonna get Bad Company 2 on Tuesday? Looks like it improves upon the successes of MW2, and throws in dedicated servers, destructible environments, and vehicle combat.

    As a PC gamer who hasn't paid for a game since Battlefield 2 came out in 2005, I am definitely warming to the idea for buying bad company 2 & paying these developers (versus Infinity Ward)

    ...then again, I'm downloading a torrent of it right now. Just to test out the campaign, since I can't go on multiplayer with it :o

  10. what are you trying to say? education will make me feel guilty or privileged?

    If you genuinely feel that you are not privileged as a white, middle-class male, you desperately need an education in the concepts of institutionalized racism and the power hierarchy. Unless you were joking around, you sound incredibly ignorant...

    edit: you don't need a college class -- try picking up a book sometime.

  11. hello all, i'm looking into buying this (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=cart_accessories&A=details&Q=&sku=542184&is=REG#reviews) just to play around with, and wondering if i'd need anything beside the actual drum pad to have some fun. would i need reason or some other software? i'm absolutely clueless, so any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.


    ^^ check that out. Native Instruments Maschine. Software + Controller bundled together. I got mine for $396 new on eBay, if I recall correctly. It was the academic version, which is priced lower, but is exactly the same as the normal edition.

    It might be what you're looking for. It's pretty dope. Check out some videos on youtube

  12. ^^ my guess is as good as yours... however that one dude's comment about residue from the inside of the container rubbing off on his pills is kinda unnerving. I wish it weren't so difficult to find stuff made in the USA of non-toxic materials... :(

    on an unrelated note, I *really* want one of these. Maxpedition's Fat Boy bag.


    Although I doubt I'd use it too often, and my friends would make fun of me. I already catch enough shit about spending my money on Japanese pens and carrying around a flashlight. I presume you guys have had similar experiences? In any case, it would be useful as a bug-out bag, walking around on vacation (ideally summertime Tokyo,) or just for hiking in the woods, and at $70 it's within my range of consideration...

  13. how thick is your iphone case that an iphone won't fit into your front pocket?

    front left for me

    sometimes pants are too tight... or pockets aren't cut generously enough. At least that's the case for me. I don't have an iphone, but I do have a qwerty phone that I carry around in my hoodie pocket (I'm almost always wearing a hoodie, except for summer :o)

    edit: pictorial review of 4Sevens Quark 123 forthcoming...

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