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  1. this has probably already been discussed to death, but...

    the start of a new relationship... so exciting. Like nothing else can touch you when you've got a brand new girl. I can't wait for her to get back from Toronto... :o

  2. awwww SNAP son! It's time for another pen review...

    links to my past reviews:

    Pentel Slicci 0.4mm Gel Pen

    TODAY: Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable 0.7mm Gel Pen

    I'll have to admit, I was fascinated when I first heard about these. The FriXion ink is erased by the heat generated (friction) from rubbing with the caps' erasers. On top of that, the "erasers" don't degrade or wear down with use, unlike traditional erasable pens, and there are no messy rubber shavings left over!

    (Note: to clear up any confusion, these aren't color pencils. Pilot just thought it would be cute to make them look like colored pencils, and named them as such.)

    If you are not a fan of medium-width pens, these are probably ones you should avoid, as they're a 0.7mm diameter. The ink comes out slightly watery, and therefore can appear a little uneven on white paper, but these babies write SMOOTH. I can't emphasize that enough. And any inconsistencies in the ink become much less noticeable after drying.

    I found these to be the perfect pens for writing my blue-book essays during midterms and finals -- because of the smoothness of the ink flow, you can write extremely fast (valuable when time is precious.) And if you make a mistake, you can erase it away! Erasing leaves behind absolutely no residual ink, but if you rub too vigorously, you can cause teeny bits of paper to come loose and ball up (but this is definitely avoidable.) The only things that you can see left behind are the tiny indentations in the paper where the words had just been! Amazing!!!

    The final picture attached is to show you how cleanly these erase:





  3. cross-posted from my Tumblr:

    Pen Review: Pentel Slicci 0.4mm

    I've avoided fine-tipped pens for so long due to my disdain for scratchiness, but I recently stumbled across Pentel's Slicci line, which is renowned for its smooth writing qualities and is meant to compete directly with Pilot's Hi-Tec-C pens.

    I'm officially a fan. They're buttery-smooth, the colors are vibrant, and I love the needle point... my only complaint is that the barrel is tiny. Some people might get hand cramps trying to write with these for extended periods of time. Nonetheless, they've become my go-to writing utensil and I wouldn't hesitate buying again.





  4. agreed. just finished it . if it was just the first disc then that would have been great. 4 hours was kinda long. ending was a let down but it was sure different than anything ive ever seen thats for sure. based on the youtube trailer i thought it was going to be one thing and after watching the movie it wasnt what i expected. not that thats a bad thing at all.

    yoko was lookin good

    just finished watching it last night... the last hour was the weakest for sure, but on the whole, I enjoyed it a lot. Pretty funny movie, and I would definitely recommend it, despite its shortcomings

    anybody have an idea what the significance of the giant cross scenes are?

  5. I didn't neg the dude but I'm not exactly a fan of people being allowed to carry concealed handguns. You've all seen the way people drive -- what makes you feel so comfortable about those very same people toting around a loaded gun?

    now before somebody goes all crazy against me, I was raised in a gun-owning household, have been target-shooting since I was a kid, and my dad used to run a side-business importing rifles to properly licensed buyers in Japan. I'm not saying that YOU specifically aren't competent to carry a weapon, but that I'm simply unnerved at the large percentage of people on EDCforums, and elsewhere for that matter, who carry a gun on them.

    In the split-second that people have to react in an emergency self-defense situation, can there be any guarantees that they will be able to control their gunfire, even if they have been trained?

    Life is too precious to entrust it en masse to the paranoid and trigger-happy ...

    I definitely will give pause to the next time I'm tempted to flip the bird to somebody on the highway... :o


  6. there's an xvid encode of it, though it seems to be a 2cd rip for what i hear is a nearly 4 hour movie, so quality may not be all that..

    well... I am looking at a torrent site right now that has the NTSC dvd image of it.. clocking in at 7.79 GB. It's not 720p, but I'm sure it'll be pretty good. thanks for putting me onto this flick! I'mma download this hoe

  7. Just repeating this for anyone who missed:

    Pen reviews of the Pentel Slicci, Sakura Ballsign, and Pilot Frixion (Color Pencil Type) are forthcoming, pending the end of finals this week. You best grab some extra-absorbent undergarments!

    and onto my main point...

    Christmas is right around the corner, and I am planning on asking for the Quark 123 (regular) and rechargeable battery + charger. So that's all accounted for.

    BUT. I am searching for a full-size multitool. I am very interested in the SOG Powerlock (B60) because I feel the assisted-open knifeblades of the Powerassist model would be less useful than a couple extra tools -- notably, scissors. With this in mind, am I headed in the right direction? Are there other brands I should consider, aside from Leatherman and Gerber, that are also in the $60-$70 price range?

    Thanks for your time! I look forward to making some *real* contributions to this thread after I get these goodies.

    edit: this just popped into my head -- is a full-sized multitool too heavy/big for practical EDC carry? I wouldn't mind clipping it to my belt, so long as it didn't pull my pants down. But I would like to hear some first-hand experience input. GO!

  8. ^^ yo ken, I just read on jetpens that the Pentel Tradio Energel takes the standard Energel refills... apparently you need to lightly tap the body enough that the spring falls out and then it will fit.


    anyway, I just got some Pentel Slicci 0.4mm in the mail today. I'll post up my review sometime later on when Hell week (finals week) is over. So far I'm liking them alot... some buttery-smooth fine point pens

  9. +rep, thanks for the quality response dawg

    My main factor in choosing AA was fear of expensive 123's, but I never even considered the rechargeable route. I think I'm gonna go with the Quark 123 since it's even smaller than the AA version.

    I was leaning towards the Tactical because I wouldn't have to cycle through all the different modes each time I shut off the light.

    HOWEVER, If I'm understanding the description correctly, the Regular automatically selects Moonlight or Max output (depending on whether the head is loose or tight) when it's turned on... if that's the case, then it would suit my needs perfectly, and I wouldn't have to deal with a cumbersome programmable UI to switch to the other outputs... please tell me this is true!

  10. well, I can't believe that sufu has convinced me that I *need* an LED flashlight, but after carrying around a cheapo $5 one that my friend gave to me a couple days ago, I decided I am interested in a Quark AA tactical (I like the programming capability and low-power moonlight mode)

    is it worth the money, or should I get something else that's comparable, or should I wait for something that's about to be released that I have no clue about? thanks

  11. No need for that, just give a thoroughly biased and racist response to one of the questions and you will be eliminated from the jury pools for life

    ie " Do you have any preferences/disdain towards specific races"

    Answer " No not at all, unless they are ( insert any race here) they piss me off"

    everyone and their mom has heard this logic, but have you actually had to serve jury duty? Not once have I ever been asked a question where I could have blurted out my feigned racial prejudice. It's better to just say you are a college student and that you have classes to attend, and therefore cannot sit in on a trial, instead of telling the lawyers you are a crazy-ass bigot...

  12. muji 0.38mm gel ink pen


    i think i've used nothing but this pen for the last 9 months

    best pen ever, i have around 15 of them

    im sort of a pen nerd


    haha... I'm surprised to find fellow pen nerds on here (although not really!) You should check out Sakura's Ballsign (a.k.a. Gelly Roll here in America.) Probably my favorite cheap gel pen. You can find them for $0.91 each at a website called Simply Solutions, which is roughly the same as Japanese retail price.

    A few weeks ago, I got some Pilot Frixion Eraseable Pens (color pencil type) and they erase beautifully, but the ink is a little too watery for my tastes, and they were mad expensive.

    I just ordered a 10-pack of Pentel Slicci 0.4mm. I'm pretty damn excited for them to arrive.


    But real talk... do you have a pencil case? I'm packing a Nomadic PE-07. Makes the girls wet.

  13. damn, destructo!

    I have an Axiom 61 midi keyboard and Native Instruments' Maschine, but they've been gathering dust for a while because I found it difficult to make any progress, since I found the learning curve a little steep... you've definitely inspired me to pull them out of my closet and start tinkering again

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