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  1. Posted this in the other thread, but doesnt hurt to crosspost I guess.

    This forum has seen my trials and tribulations with my girl, all that shit.

    So what the fuck is wrong with me, when after everything, and now i'm fine, I know I love her so much, and I know she loves me more than anything, and is absolutely perfect...that for some reason I feel like blah, I dont feel like being in this anymore.

    Ive heard it said that love isnt enough, maybe thats the case? I really do love her a lot, and she is head over heels with me, and treats me wonderfully, but I just feel off...

    Am I just fucked up, I wanted to solve all of these problems to leave a clear slate to leave her, am I that fucked up that I wanted everything to appear great before I left her and broke her heart?

    At the same time, I feel like if i leave her, I will regret it so so much, and I know she isn't the type of girl to just come back, if I leave, I think it's over.

    What the fuck, do I just want a change. Going out on Halloween without her, and seeing all these girls, and having opportunities to sleep with someone else presented kind of made me just want to do it. Could I be that stupid?

    I think that if we have learned anything here, it is that you blow things out of proportion. You're presenting this as if it's some huge existential crisis, but you don't need to justify anything to ANYBODY. Just break up with her if you are truly that unhappy... How old are you again? (seriously, how old are you)

  2. what's the best way to learn japanese? my grandparents are zainichi so i knew a lot when i was younger but now i don't remember shit. they struck a deal saying that they'll give me their place in tokyoz during the summer if i relearn. so i have about 7 months to learn to become conversational status. halpp

    I recommend you enroll in a private language school for intensive classes, and then find a Japanese speaker for conversation "lessons" once you've gotten to an intermediate level. I am currently taking Japanese classes at college, but there's only so much teaching that can be accomplished when you have class two days out of the week. This is my third semester and I definitely cannot carry on a "normal" conversation beyond the subjects taught in class. If your grandparents are nice, they might let you have the place if you are super diligent and earnest about your studies...?

    Although, now that I think of it... I have learned a good deal of grammar. If I were to broaden my vocabulary with Rosetta Stone or something similar I'm sure I could carry on a half-decent convo with friends.

  3. current Sense mag, Grind and Eyescream would be great!

    I couldn't find these ATM, but I will definitely keep a look out!


    MonoMax by Smart November 2010


    ^^ Has 20 pages of upcoming releases from Porter and Head Porter. Definitely worth a look if you're into their stuff!


    Boots Cosmic Mook 2010


    ^^ Nowhere near as good as Lightning Mooks, but hey - it's free!

  4. Priya Rai (NSFW) look like she right out of a Karma Sutra book.

    personally not a fan of hers... her pussy is really stretched out and she's a squirter with big fake tits (although that may be something other people enjoy) I don't mean to offend your taste, just offering up my opinion :D

    and as far as the issue of Sadie West goes... her face looks like it's been through an acid attack or something because even a bunch of makeup can't hide that mess

  5. very much doubt this would work. there are about 250 people in that class, and very limited seating. most of the time people are sitting in the aisles.

    I think I'm just going to text her about 2pm today.

    YO you never mentioned it was in a gigantic lecture hall - wasting my time smh

    and CALL her instead of text

  6. oh, so they CAN smell fear. good to know.

    ya know, I wouldn't bother trying to hang out with her this Saturday... from what I gather from your story, this class was the first time you spoke to each other, so maybe you should cultivate a little bit more of the casual in-class relationship before you dive right in and ask her to do something this weekend which might be awkward (it really depends on whether or not your conversation in class had a good flow and if you can picture yourself having enough momentum to keep things moving)

    but, if you were to go with my suggestion, maybe next class you can get there before her, sit down in the same seat, and if she comes into the classroom and starts walking in that the general direction/makes eye contact, you can say "oh hey, I saved you a seat"

    from there you can pick up casual conversation... and whenever you feel comfortable, ask her if she wants to chill outside of class/bone down

    PRO TIP: don't forget to knuckle her grundle when you're layin some pipe from behind

  7. found a mostly-complete tracklisting for Joker's Mary Anne Hobbs set:



    Die & Interface feat William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Joker Remix)

    Joker - ???

    Magnetic Man - I Need Air

    Om Unit - Searching

    Joker - Trance (?)

    Benga - Man On A Mission

    Joker - The Vision

    Gemmy (?) - ???

    Kromestar ft Sun of Selah - Frequency

    L-Wiz - Tvångströjjan

    Joker & TC - It Ain't Got A Name


    Trolley Snatcha - Pass Me By

    SX - Woo Riddim

    Joker - ???

    Sonic 1 - Final Zone

    Sonic 1 - Zone Boss

    Yuzo Koshiro - Streets of Rage Theme

    Gemmy - Aquatic Ruin

    Yuzo Koshiro - Go Straight (from Streets of Rage 2)

    Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day (from Spirited Away)

    daaammnn it's so good!

  8. hey herpsky, just out of my own curiosity, are you full-on Japanese? American-born? ハーフ? And furthermore, do you hold US or Japanese citizenship? I don't mean to be intrusive, but I've been wondering for a little while :o

  9. been checking this thread for the past few months in anticipation.

    i have a quick question (i searched, but didn't find anything that answered my question directly):

    i fly into narita on a sunday around 4pm, but can't check into my dorm room until the next morning. does anyone have a suggestion for a nice hotel for one night (close to a N'EX so i can get to mitaka the next morning)?

    any other suggestions are also appreciated. thanks guys

    lol... looks like you got your priorities a little mixed up, no?

    check this site. punch in the date/number of nights you need to stay in Tokyo, and afterwards you can choose from budget hotel/hostel/etc


  10. back in the US as well, after a looooong vacation travelling across Japan and visiting family. In Tokyo, I was staying at a comfy little place I discovered last summer, a few stops away from shinjuku on the chuo line. Had an absolute blast, as expected. Now I gotta start squirreling away money for next year.

    Anybody check the tokyo bay hanabi taikai?

  11. I have however gotten my Surefire E2D Defender on board. I got asked why I needed a flashlight, and said if there was an emergency I wanted to be able to see where the exits were.

    I'm flying to Tokyo in a couple days, and I was planning on bringing my vanilla Quark123 in my carry-on luggage. I presume the only reason you got hassled about your surefire was because it had a rape bezel, correct? I'd hate to have to pack it away in checked luggage... if anybody else can shed some light on the issue (pun intended) please feel free to chime in!

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