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  1. i'm heading to tokyo uniqlo in a couple weeks. does anyone know if they still stock these striped knit ties?



    funny you should mention these, because I bought the green one in Tokyo *last* summer. I'm guessing that's why they're on sale on the website there in the UK. I wish you luck in finding them though, it's a great little tie for $10. I've been complimented on it a couple times, too :cool:

  2. austinpowersposter.jpg

    That's a man, baby!

    ... well not really if you look at the rest of the body... but that face, my god. For some reason, I keep picturing her with a black moustache, like a hispanic dude

  3. hey uh, just out of curiosity, who are your favorite male stars?

    the only two that immediately come to mind are...


    Rocco Siffredi


    Brian Pumper aka Gapeman

    no homo.

    edit: obviously there is no delicate way to phrase this question. But as a sophisticated consumer of porn, I enjoy scenes with some people more than others? There are some dudes I can't even tolerate, like that guy that Faye Reagan dated/performed with exclusively (the guy with the rectangle glasses and the facial hair, looked like he belonged in an emo band)


    all I'm saying is that gapeman is a great character, and siffredi is a hilarious chauvinist ("NASTY!")

  4. 90 JPY = 1 USD

    oh shit

    whaaaat. no! it was 94 yen just last week. Looks like it's been slowly climbing back to 92 in the past 8 hours. Any speculation as to why the drop-off was so steep?

    I would be a happy man if it was even, say, 98 by the summertime. USD sucks donkey balls lately

    oh, and Chi, thanks for the tip. I'm adding your recommendation to my food list. Although... why do you mention it? Just because of the good value, or is the food something special? Cause in Koenji there's a handful of affordable yakitori places within walking distance of me, and it's kinda hard to fuck up chicken meat and quail eggs

    EDIT: nvm, found out this morning that the dow jones lost like 1,000 points yesterday, which correlates with the precipitous drop and sudden rise in currency value

  5. I'll check out Kiya's recommendation. I stumbled into a Zat's Burger Cafe last summer by accident, and I was pretty impressed. I'm no meat connoisseur, so I couldn't tell the difference between the various grades of upmarket japanese beef... I just want a bomb-ass cheeseburger

  6. I got bored of Metro 2033, so I started playing Dragon Age: Origins for the PC. Shit's addictive like crack. The gameplay videos I saw on youtube initially turned me off from the game because there was so much pausing and micro-managing going on in fight sequences, but I've discovered that's what makes the experience so much FUN. I was raised on Fallout 1+2, not fantasy RPGs, but I can feel myself getting sucked into this one. Hopefully I can sink a couple dozen hours into this...

    Runs flawlessly maxed out on my radeon 4850. Great audio/voicework, highly detailed gameworld (in terms of lore, quests, etc), and a decent storyline. I've heard some places that you can get 60-100+ hours of gameplay out of this


  7. Act Fast: RT NYC to Tokyo, $465 w/taxes Roundtrip fares on April flights

    to Tokyo from New York City just dropped to $456 including

    taxes. Regular fares on this route are often more than


    This is an unadvertised fare and could sell out quickly.

    hey thanks herpsky! My vacation plans are for August, so those links weren't immediately useful to me, but they were the catalyst for asking my moms to call up her Japanese travel agent lady. I got a pretty decent fare, $984 roundtrip from JFK. I was expecting on paying $1300 this year... so thanks! :o

    I'll be staying in Koenji, same exact place as last summer... I really enjoyed that area. I'm pretty sure I stumbled into Village Vanguard accidentally, without knowing its name. Full of wacky shit with a book/magazine section in the back and a second floor with videos I believe?

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