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  1. Those who steal not out of necessity but out of want are detestable low-lives that would rather resort to unjust means of obtaining their fancies than apply their resources to rightfully acquiring their wants. This is especially true for those of us living in developed societies where social and income mobility is more a meritocracy than ever before. Rest assured, there was no, as you put it, 'classism' in my words. I simply see those like you -- people with a relatively high standard-of-living who steal out of want -- as pathetic, detestable bums.

    and I presume you've never downloaded mp3's illegally off the internet? unless, of course, it was strictly out of need, not want.

    also depending on the total value of the goods you steal, it could swing either way as a misdemeanor (slap on the wrist) or felony (fucks up your day).

    don't be a turd

  2. haha yeah sorry, I'm not going to take my time to kiss ass with some kid working the counter at supreme just so he won't be rude. I could understand the attitude if they were CEO's with very little time or something, but come on, please. :rolleyes:

    also indifference IS rudeness when it comes to customer service. i'm there to plunk down money, they're there to help me find what i'm looking for and to help me plunk down said money.

  3. i'm gonna get some heat for this, but i've never liked Jay-Z. always thought he was way too commercial, that the production was definitely not my style and that he wasn't that strong lyrically ("gangster" talk from someone who owns a NBA team really turns me off). anyway, couple of my friends who i really respect their hip-hop taste have always told me that he was the shit, that if i gave Reasonnable Doubt a real good listen, i would understand about him, etc. well i did listen to Reasonnable Doubt quite a lot, and never liked it, like most of Jay's music. but i have really enjoyed the Black Album for some reason (mostly due to the production i guess, but still). still kind of don't understand why Jay is getting soo much love from true hip-hop fans though...

    I would take reasonable doubt over black album any day, but those are my top 2 favorite albums by him. the others have this glossy feel to them in the production and lyrics that really turns me off

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