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  1. ^^^ spoiler alert! It doesn't give away any of the plot, but it does show him solving some puzzles, so if you're the type of person that would be bothered by that, then just add the video to your Favorites and watch it later instead.

    I'm almost finished with Portal 2, so much fun. On a related note, Valve announced the first DLC that's coming out this summer will be 100% free:


  2. I'm bringing this thread back from the dead, because there is some shit that urgently needs your attention:


    what happened? I'm having a hard time believing this is even her, since the face looks so different, but those titties are unmistakable

  3. the scans of the Sense March issue are incomplete -- they only go up to page 89. If the full version ever finds its way online, I will definitely update this post. Sorry guys!


    Sense March 2011



    Ollie March 2011



    Men's Non-No April 2011



    Men's Fudge March 2011



    Huge March 2011


  4. according to forum etiquette, I really ought edit my previous post and add these two uploads into them... but everyone who subscribes to this thread wouldn't know this thread got updated, so that's why I decided to "double" post. :o

    EDIT: I mistakenly labeled Popeye the March issue, when it's really the Feb one. Fixed now.

    DOUBLE EDIT: added Cool Trans on 02/22. Big thanks to everyone for the kind words and rep!


    GQ Japan March 2011



    Popeye February 2011



    Cool Trans March 2011


    to anyone curious, the scans of the SENSE february issue still haven't shown up

  5. hey there people

    i m thinking of making my first trip to Tokyo this September.

    Is September a good time to go?

    I am aiming September cos I would like adequate hours of sunshine without the summer heat and crowds.

    Hopefully there are still summer sales going on that month, or are A/W things already on the rack? (I'm from a year-round tropical country, sorry)

    Would 7-10 days be too much or too little? I am not interested in seeing the big sights per se. I have been a japanophile since young, so all I wanna do is explore the districts I've been reading throughout my whole young adult life and soak up as much as of Tokyo as my wallet can afford. More on eating, shopping, roaming, visiting museums, street style snapping (hopefully).

    a week, or even 10 days, is definitely not enough time for a vacation like that... give yourself at least 2 weeks. you can enjoy things at a leisurely pace and not feel like you missed out on anything afterwards. and yes, september will still be hot & humid. october should be better, but there's nothing wrong with going in the summer!

  6. just got an email from 4Sevens about the upcoming Maelstrom S12, which has an output of 800 lumens! :eek:

    The S12 is the new benchmark for ultra compact, insanely bright tactical and duty flashlights. It is the smallest flashlight in the world to use the SST-90 emitter.

    It features both current and thermal regulation - this means it can take serious abuse and be exposed to harsh conditions, but it will automatically control its output to protect its own guts. That means you don't worry about your light - you just use it.

    The S12 also runs off one of our own special lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It's called a 26650, and it packs enough energy to power the S12 at 800 lumens for an entire 90 minutes.

    product page: http://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?products_id=2583

    and there's a limited edition here: http://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?products_id=2584

  7. would love to see some of those FRUiTS, post them up if you get a chance!


    Men's Non-No February 2011



    GQ Japan February 2011



    A Bathing Ape Spring 2011


    Any men's ex or Leon?


    Leon December 2010



    Leon January 2011


  8. If i go on a date with a girl, who offers to drive, and we forget to pay for parking and receive a $80 fine, how should I handle this? do i offer to pay half?

    My lesson from last night is: always take care of small details as something little like not paying a parking ticket, can ruin a night.

    depends how you feel about her... if you see yourself going on future dates with her, then offer to pay half. otherwise, it's not really your problem, unless you feel partially responsible and/or ultimately find yourself consumed by guilt. But that $40 could go towards parking fees on a date with a NEW girl! :cool:

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