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  1. They're kinda like the RRDS.

    I'm not too much of a fan of super slubbyness...i like nice smooth shiny denim (not overly shiny though) like the RRDS

    And the availability, RRDS are AU350 here coz its imported, but hey at least you can try them out and not get some e-measurements. Imperials are the same and they're a lot cheaper.

    I dunno, different people, different tastes

  2. but have fun with your raws and reselling them when they don't fit!

    Thats true...happened to my pair of Evisus when I was a noob back then. And had to get some heavy alterations to it.

    When you order from Japan you cant predict anything with raws I guess, but when you try them on at a store you can almost tell how they'll shrink.

    And raw denim is nice and shiny :)

  3. yeah.

    would love to.

    way too big for me.

    not my style.

    bought from Japan direct through Rakuten.

    made in China

    You reckon they are the real deal?

    They're the real deal for sure, just that people think they're lower quality coz they're tagged No.3 and you probably got them at a lower price.

    In what ways are they too big?, the waist, length, thighs?...

    try to soak them (not sure if they're sanforized or not but they shrink about 0.5-1 inch)

    Or get them tailored.

  4. I don't really think Levi's is in the right. Even if they have copyrighted the red tab and acurate there should be some reason involved. I can understand if the sda acurate is borderline, but to go after samurai and SC is just silly.

    Its economics. You're getting rid of competition.

    If they're almost looking identical with red tabs and back pocket stitching and almost same cuts, then why are people buying Samurais or whatever?

    Levis wants to regain some territory here for their work.

    Its as if something like Ford starts to copy a completely identical set of the Ferrari range and started to sell it. Its kinda wrong if you get what i mean.

    I rkn put simply, Levis wants everyone to fruck off and get some of their own work done :D

  5. For Kixlsif's sake

    Nudie RRDS: 84 days of general usage, in and outdoors, the weird discolouration at the top half was due to a soak (experimenting with shrinkage)



    Evisu 0101 No.1 Special: About 5 months, didn't wear them as much first as I realised even after a huge shrink in a soak (like from a 34 waist down to a 30 then another hot soak down to 28) , they were still a loose/baggy fit. Got them ultra tailored and just wear em to work (Timezone gaming arcades :P )



    Eh leather taggy thingy with No.1 stampage :D


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