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  1. I thought both were unsanforized, i.e., a 34 will shrink to a 32 in both cases. What do they mean by No.1s being 'colourfast' and that 'they won t fade white'?


    NO.0 The raw material which does not process such as preventing contraction and hachure taking altogether. Rough fuzz balls is a special feature

    NO.1 The vintage use which is woven with the pre-world war 2 rare power loom. Shrink proofing releasing.

    NO.2 Being woven with the power loom, it enters, but there is shrink proofing, for enrollment.

    NO.3 The low cost specification which is woven with the reformist loom. There is no ear and is locked with the red thread. There is shrink proofing

    I think rough fuzz balls are slubbiness. Shrink proofing just means sanforization.

    No.2s are done so that you dont have to worry about shrinkage.

  2. Does anyone know what the difference between the No.2 and the No.1 Special denim is?

    Its been answered many times, but... No.1 Special is supposed to be higher quality as unsanforized so it will shrink. I t seems a lot more slubbier than No. 2.

    No. 2 is sanforized and so it wont shrink as much. But its still good denim

    If anyone is looking for Evisu jeans, please check my signature.


    I bought from him recently, good seller and totally legit. Thanks man!

  3. what I'm looking for, but they're absurdly expensive (I don't want to pay over $200)

    Hey, let me know where you can buy a Veyron for less then 10 grand then I might tell you where you can get some cheap uber super high quality jeans.

    Generally, japanese denim is considered high quality fabric, and you have to be prepared to spend $200 for a nice pair.

    can't be washed (like LVC 501XX, which is perfect jean otherwise, imo)

    Thats because they're raw. You can wash them if you want, but you'll be left with some fairly plain lighter blue jeans without any distressing. Read the encylopedias or the Evolution of Jeans thread to find out more.

    Modern cuts...well i'll just suggest a brand. Nudie"

    Regular Ralf - Straight bootcut (a really nice cut)

    Straight Sven - Straight cut

    Even Steven - Straight with a taprered leg

    Just chucking in a little bit first...

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