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  1. Nudie RRDS - Nice beginner jeans to start off with. Very youthful, almost skater-like but with a sense of decency. Slightly roomy in the upper wasit and slight bootcut which is great for those who arent into the skinny scene. Though not quite as slubby, or vintage-eqsue, it does present some very smooth denim. The gunmetal grey beginnings also has a certain appeal to it.. Tends to blow in the crotch (as with all Nudies) but worn loosely, should be fine. Not the greatest of denim, but still a great piece to start with.

    DenimJunkie DJ501XX - Another great pair. Slightly similar to the RRDS but with that extra bit of quality. Some nice 14oz Zimbabwe's and nice little details such as star shaped rivets and kangaroo skin on some nice dead cow. Much tighter fitting than the RRDS with a less subtle bootcut, definitely a unique cut and would appeal to most denimist.

    One complaint is the slightly small coin pocket and getting things in and out of the front pockets are a bit of a workout but ought to stretch out soon enough.

  2. Try wearing them. The dirt will come off (not completely) but it can actually give some special effects due to the abrasive properties...

    If you really want to, dry clean them. Though I'm not sure if dry cleaning would lift off the dirt.

  3. Hmm still waiting for mine to come (reserved back in June)

    Tried to ask him but the language barrier sort of screwed something up lol.

    Anyone else know when the previous batch is meant to be shipped out?...

  4. Tenchi he should have mailed you if they are being shipped. Edmond and I have ours sooner than others because we ordered the heavys. The regulars are not done yet.

    Haha damn heart skipped a beat just then. Yeh i've got the regulars. Worth the wait anyway, I'll just trash my RRDSs harder heh

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