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  1. Sup wigga G, yoyo homies up for some Evisus yO, coz I'm inda hOuse brUh.

    Just get some Nudies/Levis/APC (etc..) and let it be. Have you tried looking at other brands as other people have been mentioning? Why Evisu?

    or why not the pay the premium for some legitimate Evisus? Instead of trying to score a quick $20 bargainised fake.

    If you cant afford it, then I dont see any reason for you needing a pair except to score some cheap 2.3 seconds of fame.

    But if you really want a pair. Why not start off here?: http://www.evisu.com/shop/home.php

  2. Go for the SDAs. The denim has an incredibly rich color. A pair of Eternals would be nice, as well. The SDAs have a nicer fit, but the denim on the 811's is sick. I recently sold my brother's pair, and it hurt me to see them go. At one point, I was actually considering holding onto them just to have.

    That's a tough decision.

    Yeh SDAs have a nice colour and i was thinking one of the more straight/bootcut fits. I'm not the tapered leg kinda guy. Was thinking something similar to the SD105

    Eternals are a little too slubby for me and I'm not sure about the fit.

  3. I'm getting the feeling that you're some 16 yr old or something. Its not a bad thing or anything.


    Check that thread out, its got some before and after pics of what happens to a sort of more "true" break-in and fade.

    And if you can, pay the $100+ coz you'll find its definitely worth it. the quality of denim exponentially increases versus the increase in price (in terms of most raw japanese or selvedge denim)

  4. Lets do a DenimJunkie contest XD

    Yeh a 501 style cut would be nice ( regular or slightly lower rise )

    Possibly a reproduction that is similar to Levis to sort of spite it...

    And that seat in the Denim Denom's one is a little weird IMO

    I also wouldnt mind paying say up to U$250? or so...its all in the spirit of superfuturism..

  5. Nah Glue sells Edwin, but I rkn its the cuts/washes arent the greatest.

    And yes I do realise that there are not Eternal, SC, Flathead etc... around here.

    The only thing we get is probably Evisu (most of which isnt made in japan anyway)

  6. Apparently the foaming does not cleans the material.

    This is because energy has been used to create bubbles rather than clean the actual denim/surface.

    Despite this, it is consumer demand that wants this foaming action. So basically, when you're washing the dishes, its better when its not foaming, but the manufacturers made it foam just so it looks good.

    Heheh Chemistry.

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