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  1. I dont think nikesber is lying. Well 4 months out of 6...and to school and arond home, probably not too much strenuous wear.

    If you compare the honeycomb detail between nikesber and Huy you'll notice that they're different in size.

    Huy had worn his tight, nikesber (being the probably hypebeast) wore his loose.

    Its the same store with my slightly loosely worn RRDS, normally a 28, i've got a w30

    These are 7 months, RRDS, worn a little heavily, (uni, work, play etc..)


  2. Please read the encyclopedia, have a look through the evolution thread, use the search button.

    You obviously have close to or no idea at all about denim.

    Raw denim is RAW (SPARTA!!!) Basically nothing has been done to them, no washing, no predistressing etc...so you can get your fades.

    Your denim has been prewashed, predistressed, preshatted on etc...and so due to indigo loss already, its harder to get a good fade. If its dark enough, you'll get some slight fades if you work on them hard enough (or tight enough)

    But dont bet your balls that they'll produce good fades. I think paper denim and cloth is in Australia...so try some Nudies, APCs or even some GStar raws.

  3. I'm 171 cm tall and I weigh around 63 kilos, My true waist size is 30"...

    Thought it might be interresting to see a comparison of Even Steven and Masa. They're cut quite differently

    Nudie Masa sz 28-32, no soak


    How do you find the high waist on those masas? And are they similar to the Even stevens in the bottom of the legs?

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