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max power

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01 | superfuture started in 1999. how old were you then?

I was 15 back then.

02 |  how did you first discover sufu? 

In 2007 or 2008 I first read about Nudie Jeans and it was the gateway drug into raw denim. In 2009 I joined the mynudies forum but learned very quick that there's better denim out there as well as a better forum where it is discussed. I was lurking a few months before joining as I was a bit intimidated by the experienced users there. superfuture and mynudies user Beautiful_freak was a great promoter of SuFu, so I decided to join in October 2010 by sharing some of my faded jeans and pictures of Levi Strauss' birthplace.

03 |  there are plenty of shopping experts on supertalk. what's your specialty? are you a pro?

I am by no means an expert, but know a thing or two about denim (especially Samurai and Iron Heart) and shoes/boots.
I know a lot about fading jeans however, it's what got me hooked back then and still is most entertaining, to see how a fabric evolves over time and share it with fellow people. I can also give sizing and washing advice and know some cuts, so I always like to give advice to new members. My other interests are records, whisky and tattoos. I think I would rather think of me as an expert in these subjects, but besides the tattoos thread in superculture I don't share them here.


04 |  reputation is everything in an online community. how's yours going? do you ever get neg repped?

I can't complain, there's some very friendly users that give positive reputation, mainly for my faded jeans. I am not a very stylish person so most rep comes for fades or WAYJDT (What are your jeans doing today)-posts. And I got a few points through the old rep system.

05 |  online forums are all about the members, threads and posts. who and what keeps you addicted?

There's always a period when my interests shift towards my other interests, but the community always keeps me coming back. There's a core of enthusiasts that are passionate about their gear which makes it fun to come back every now and then to keep in touch. Also there are many great contests and world tours happening, I also like to read older threads with this content. The OOE Yofukuten world tour being the finest so far, in my opinion. Besides that, I think that the denim blunders thread is often very entertaining, reaching political dimensions sometimes just to come back to very profane matters.

06 |  supertalkers are based all over the planet. have you met any IRL?  

I have met a few indeed, and all were great guys. Beautiful_freak, Volvo240thebest, Atzec, Almostnice, Kayodic and Blue Nemo come to my mind immediately, but I think there were more (also from other forums). It was always a good time and a good opportunity to be nerdy.

07 |  are you fast and furious / slow chilled and controlled / or bitter and twisted? 

Sometimes bitter, but I think online I'm pretty chilled.

08 |  the internet is full of crap. with over 3.2 million posts since 2003 has supertalk been a credible contributor or a major culprit? 

Most of it is super useful information and there are very well informed regulars here.


09 |  if supertalk got accidentally deleted would you be devastated or relieved? 
You often need to lose something to fully understand its value... so I'm certain I would be devastated a while as this place has played a part in my life for almost 7 years now.
10 |  if you could nominate another superstar who would it be?

It has to be Maynard Friedman, we need to know more about this guy. Beautiful_Freak is a close second as he's a super active user for many years.
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another nice feature piece on a key contributor...keep it coming!

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