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  1. just been looking through all our end of the contest pictures  - appreciating all the many great jeans -  and it brought back peoples' posts throughout of course so has felt really nostalgic.

    Its flashed by 1 1/2 years - and what some of you have said recently shows how many significant things on a personal level have been going on (bad and good).

    Its been great to be involved and connected up (and jeans brought about that connection!!:smile::smile:. )

    Really liked the TCB40's and will keep wearing - think they'll change quite a bit more in the next months' wear so looking to that to come. tons of very different looks from really super worn down pairs to far darker but still looking fine pairs.  I know the push to wear just one pair, because of the contest, has felt an effort (only at times) but then i remember its so worth it for all the extra people and info and connection parts that result from it. and extra Thanks again to TCB and Volvo. Cheers 

  2. Just thought this was good to see - a picture of a type 1/213 Levis jacket which is what the Two Cats Blouse is based on. What a bargain...

    Maybe I should clarify that it may not be exactly based on this model in the photo as what Mr Inoue told on TCB's site the Two Cats jacket is part of Victor's Voice project  - with the idea for the jeans and jacket inspired by seeing the remnants of jeans with Olympic branded 20's denim that collector Victor Fredback has. Olympic was a secondary (third?) sub-brand of Levis - made with Amoskeag mill denim. It has lighter weight with very irregular uneven texture - I guess TCB given their interest in different denims really wanted to make something reproducing Amoskeag style.. And I thought it was appealing to get some older Levis type denim from most of the jeans I have in an older looking jacket.. older age goes with age :biggrin:



  3. ^ I never figured that on the stiching on pleated jackets.. @Dr_Heech..  It always looked like it was something that part expands but I couldn't figure it further. DOH! :dry::rolleyes:

    almost asked on here  but never did. Cheers for that

    And the jackets coming on good 

  4. And to add a picture. Just received a late present of their new two cats blouse j- which is beautiful. Very hairy and lovely colour. I’ve only had a chore coat previously denim jacket wise. Looking forward to it…:smile:



  5. I saw on their TCB site that they are 10 years today. :smile: And 14 years since they began making jeans for other companies  What a great company with a mix of repro clothes - and their interpretation of repros and dedication to creating denim to replicate that of previous decades’. Just felt heartwarming to see Hajime Inoues post. 
    And quick thank you to the people on this forum who made me aware of the company  those few years ago. And especially  @volvo240thebest who I most closely associate with them on here. 
    Happy anniversary - an excuse to raise a glass. 

  6. ^ Ha - you're too kind @Newman :smile: - they are among the darker of the ones on here probably - but they do look different (and show the lighter parts better) outside - sun also making quite a difference to both pics and to my eye..

    The top picture makes them look a bit lighter than they are - but also does capture the faded parts of the leg... I think washed 4 times now.... 

  7. Yes @unders - it’s always felt like some confirmation of being welrd:laugh2:  :smile:

    also have you ever noticed that just when you’re doing something like this or jeans related how it will immediately draw whoever else is somewhere else in the house to hone in on you so you feel even stranger? 
    Sort of related - I always think one reason people don’t take pictures and post as often as they might it’s partly because of the disapproval of our partners that when there’s all this other proper stuff like roof leaks and repairs that need doing - and youre actually taking PHOTOS of your JEANS??:ohmy::angry2:

  8.  Is it just me or is it really tricky to capture denim - can look really different and v silvery sometimes. Have discarded pictures often as they have blah-ed out all the interesting variations..  

  9. ^ that’s interesting on the 46’s @Broark. I couldn’t resist the siren call of all those appealing Warehouse anniversary year jeans and as well as the 100xDSB’s I did also get the 46’s. They’re Darker and much stiffer than the others - and so I could do this after their soak - which I’d never managed to do before..:smile:

    (Beautiful freak - think I’d somehow filtered out that the 14.5 oz was still on the 800:rolleyes:



  10. 22 minutes ago, Broark said:

    Not putting me on the spot at all! I'm definitely a fan of the 1001 cut. 
    I think all the pairs I have from WH are 1001's except the 1000XX Deadstock Blues and the USN pants I picked up earlier this year.
    Favorite denim is probably just the standard Banner denim, I have a Hinoya collaboration pair from a few years back with the shorthorn patch and that's probably my favorite pair overall.
    I find the 1000xx DSB pair to be a little saggy in the seat which is why I haven't worn them much yet. The denim is very nice based on the faded examples I've seen.
    I have the new WWII era Leepros and 1004XX(1000XX) 1936 cinch back models preordered, that'll give me a little more variety. Will post comparison pictures once I get them in.

    Cheers - yeah that cut is really good. I love  getting you all's comparisons of jeans you all have some experience with....I've wondered how much it is a 47 cut, that many Warehouse shapes are both around now and in recent years. Some of the Japanese sites suggest most of their new cuts are v like their DD 47 (the 1001's and 1000xDSB are described like that and even the 1946 has v similar measurements). Its like Warehouse feel like they've created and refined their ideal shape...(just a view tho....). Only just started to wear my 1000xDSB  so too early to say - but the feel and colour after a soak I really like - they hang softer earlier on then most of my other jeans... Banner denim looks amazing - can't get that as well now tho :rolleyes:

  11. 30 minutes ago, Broark said:

    If I recall correctly, didn’t WH used to offer this denim in the past? I vaguely remember a slightly heavier iteration of the Banner denim used maybe 7-8 years back but I could be wrong.

    hi - Broark, just to put you on the spot :smile: - do you have any favourites out of all your different Warehouses? - cut or denim?

  12. I couldn't say for certain, but I think this is a current version of the Warehouse 1000 denim from before the banner denim  - this is what's on my jeans (the 700 I bought in 2010 and possibly the D5 tho that had a deadstock element to it so possibly a different version of the 1000xx).

    It's 100% Memphis cotton and 14.5 oz 6x6. And as far as I remember it seemed to be known as 1000xx back then. Their naming of denim and cuts didn't seem to have consistency but may just have been lost to us outside of Japan....

    Agree Coldsummer about the weight of 13.5 oz feels good tho - hangs well when newer... that's the weight of the new 1000x deadstock blues too

  13. 3 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    How much do the DSB jeans shrink in length? Anyone put them through the dryer yet? Thinking of the 1000xx in particular

    Hi Julian-Wolf

    I havent started wearing them yet tho I've washed and the length is 32 1/2". Not dryered yet tho Really nice of course - denim is not as thick as my older Warehouse (1000 - the Memphis denim) so I think they are going to hang differently and better earlier in their life......

  14. On 5/30/2021 at 1:10 PM, Double 0 Soul said:

    Took my work jacket home for its annual wash before putting it back in the drawer for the summer.

    Photos taken at 12 noon in direct sunlight this time around..










    Wow - Couldn't not say how good this looks:ohmy:

  15. On 5/22/2021 at 9:57 PM, roomtemplacroix said:

    have all but given up wearing my pair because i find the fit so difficult for me. popping in to say i’m gonna leave mine outside for a while and see what sort of effect the sun has on them. everyone’s jeans are looking beautiful, cheers! 


    not sure just how much searing sun you get @roomtemplacroix but did you notice anything yet - (or are they there for the summer?)

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