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  1. 35 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

    ^ Interesting, to me, that you’re a 28 in Moonstar—I’m also a 28, but seem to sit around 0.5–1 size larger than you in everything else

    Don’t you have some odd approach to Lofgren footwear? :laugh:


    JP28 in Moonstar, Pras and I’m now guessing Doek

    JP27 in RDT

    9.5 in Lofgren

    9.5 in White’s

    UK9 in Trickers and Church’s and pretty much anything Northampton-esque 

    9.5/10 in Chuck 70s

    44 in Scarpa … and by far the best fit regardless of model

    All variations are accommodated by sock thickness

  2. 4 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    It would be really surprising if the Moonstar made shoes would differ so much but yeah, who knows what lasts they are all using.
    Which pair of Doek do want?

    No, I’m not after a pair of Doeks - it just seems to be a very common question raised about sizing … ‘how do your Doeks, Pras (insert Kurume label here) etc fit?’

    Not many, if any, have a variety of Kurume made sneakers but if we assume (reasonably) they all fit similar then obviously even you only have Moonstar you should be able to advise if someone asks about Pras for example.

  3. @beautiful_FrEaK Thank you - it looks very much like we take the same size (give or take … foot shape could still be quite different, e.g. I find CT70s a touch narrow in the toe at 9.5)

    So it looks like I’d be 28 in Doek as well as Moonstar and Pras. Starting to give substance to my thoughts about Made in Kurume sizing generally.


  4. @beautiful_FrEaK what’s your shoe/boot sizes in the range (all brands) you have - would you list them please?

    Part of the reason is that Doek, Pras, Shoes Like Pottery and nearly any other similar shoe made in Japan and vulcanised are made by Moonstar - so I’m wondering if (or why) there might be variances in sizing.

    I’m a 28 in Moonstar and Pras for example

  5. 1 hour ago, Dan_F said:

    @Broark I’ve been on the fence about this pair given the price (though I suppose all jeans have gone up in cost a good bit), but I’m still considering them, as Corlection has some in my size in stock. Can you comment on how they fit in comparison to the 47’s?


    On 6/14/2021 at 11:36 PM, Duke Mantee said:

    Ok, I think this gives the main styles (no bush pants, flares etc). 

    They are all 33 inch waist, so I’ve not put that dimension on the graphic since most of the jeans actually do come out to tagged waist size. I’ve simply added a + or - deviation to those that don’t.

    And to repeat the method:

    Back rise measurement is from crotch bartack to top of waistband above belt loop pulled tight

    Front rise measurements is from crotch bartack to top of waistband above button pulled tight

    Thigh measurement is centre of crotch bartack straight across to outside of leg pulled tight

    Knee measurement is taken 330mm below crotch bartack and straight across pulled tight

    Hem measurement is taken 770mm below crotch bartack and straight across pulled tight 

    Please remember these are my measurements on my jeans, and those jeans are all in various states of use/age/wash. This is to give a general classification - your dealer can give you details from new.




    Here’s the difference 

  6. A common theme for me is accepting a bid (usually at a decent discount) then no payment made - item is sold and you need to wait nearly a week to get the thing re-listed.

    Also I’ve noticed certain groups seem to want to ask endless questions about a thing and you know they’re never going to buy, but I’ve suffered that in Denimbro too.


  7. I ended up putting stuff on eBay - I’ve sold stuff and most of the buyers are good guys, but I got inundated with scalpers and assholes telling me I needed to sell to them at pennies in the pound.

    I’d have Paul’s shoes in a heartbeat but they’re too big, and I’d have bought a pair of Neal’s Buckwheats but they’re too small. 

    It is crazy that there is genuine good stuff here that can’t/won’t sell :blink2:

  8. 28 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:
    I haven't read any denim threads for months, i'm just not interested recently so whatever the controversy, i'll struggling to forge an opinion so i'm certainly not spending the next half hour reading everyone else's  :D ... like i said a few months ago, my interest in denim is at it's all time lowest ebb, as long as he's not murdering kittens i don't really care.
    He's not murdering kittens is he!? FFS! I'll never be able to flog my 506 if he is..!!

    Hard to say if it’s murder, but there’s a fair amount of catgut in the stitching

  9. 50 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    This thread is getting very interesting. Do CSF talk much about their denim/s (mills and cottons used) or make any specific claims about painstakingly attempting to replicate the historic Cone denims that Levi’s would have used during the WW2 era? Or are they happy to allow people to assume, based on their detailed sewing approach, that they go to great lengths in recreating period-correct denim/s.

    I’m pretty sure the man himself has said he gave vintage samples to the mill for them to recreate the denim

  10. 17 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    What I can say is that I completely stopped shopping at one retailer because I found their extremely opinionated and obnoxious behavior on social media completely off-putting and basically a direct assault on customers (like me) who were not in line with their particular agenda, intentionally goading their customers via social media and posting private emails to advance a certain narrative about themselves.

    That Christophe, he’s a right character isn’t he? :wink:

  11. 14 minutes ago, shredwin_206 said:

    Wow CSF starting to a get a reputation like a certain small one man jeans maker from Kansas…..  
    I can totally relate to the situation of your fav pair of jeans being made by a total piece of s***
    this CSF sounds like an ass  
    glad @Duke Mantee got me hooked on FW so I was never tempted by CSF. Haha 

    You can’t ever know this stuff until it’s too late bro’ 

    There’ll be other things in the background - it’s possible Yoshiaki has overreacted, or there’s some other issue that unfortunately denim seeker has been dragged into - but it’s a poor show.

    Anyway, I’ve never told you the dark secrets of FW …

  12. 53 minutes ago, Iron Horse said:

    Don’t want to sound like Ed but they look a bit small in the seat IMO. That’s how my TCBs fit and I never did get over the wedgie fit.

    Jake’s cakes … that and his perfect hair is why he has a beautiful girl on his arm (although she claims it to be more cerebral) :wink:

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