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  1. I’m also in the exotic to vintage type denim bracket. After wearing heavy Iron Heart, stubby Samurai, mixed fabric Sugar Cane (while amazing in their own right) it ultimately came off as gaudy IMO. Resolute, Warehouse, Fullcount etc to me pass off as “the way jeans should be” without coming off as gaudy or even cartoony. I feel way over the top wearing $200 tees and $50 socks with $400 flannels. Even with the money to burn it’s just not my style. (Id make an exception for Flathead tho...)
  2. I wanted to sell a pair of new Resolute 710s sized too large for me to a friend of mine for $100. He was very hesitant even with the heavy discount. When I showed it to him he said hell no, I wouldn’t buy those. I was flabbergasted. He thought they’re ugly and wondered how I pay $250 for em. But I realize (and I was like this too) a lot of guys don’t put any consideration into how their clothes fit, especially lengthwise. Many get turned off when they’re not super slim and tapered but a nice, fuller silhouette hemmed to proper length. My friend seemed more receptive to the typical “denim head” look. Personally I don’t do the “city lumberjack” look and avoid wearing a beanie, flannel or boots in the same outfit.
  3. j0el2

    The Flat Head

    I’m considering buying a pair of FHxRJB2109 in size 31. My 3009s sized 30 fit me well. Anyone familiar with both?
  4. j0el2

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    My current rotation. BTW if anyone’s interested in getting a pair of those black leather academy one stars there’s a sale on sneakersnstuff for $35!
  5. j0el2

    The Flat Head

    My old 3009s fit after shedding some pounds. Going to drop me off at SESF for a proper hem and repair.
  6. j0el2

    Show us your leather

    Thanks dude! I have a one and done approach for a lot of type of things but I definitely understand variety and wanting something new and fresh.
  7. j0el2

    Show us your leather

    Voyej closing in on 5 years. Never conditioned or cleaned.
  8. Been wearing this rope dyed Samurai beanie off and on for about 3.5 years. Started off quite dark and I think I’ve tossed it in the wash and dry 4 times. Im absolute Dog doo at taking pictures but this thing glimmers indigo under direct light.
  9. j0el2

    Studio D'artisan

    4th year of machine washing and drying. May get them repaired soon.
  10. j0el2

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    It’s been over a year and half of machine washing and drying. These have been my main and best fitting pair.
  11. SDA 101 I believe? Forgot the model number. 4 years of wear and machine washing/drying.
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