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  1. Did WH merge their Duck Digger line with Brown-Duck & Digger? Im interested in buying a pair of DD1945 and I noticed they dont make pairs like the Whiskey Cat and other older pairs under Duck Digger. Does anyone have a worn in pair from these older Duck Digger models? Ive already seen the ones posted way back in this thread and want more info.
  2. Congrats, thats an awesome gift! Be sure to keep us updated on its evo. haha
  3. IH makes some tops that age really well and their hoodies are something else. The green one has faded nicely but I like how my black one hasnt really at all. IHs black stays that way.
  4. These have been weekly staples for the past 2 years or so.
  5. I wore these for about a year but disdainfully retired them due to weight gain. I need to replace em with a pair of RJBs!
  6. LMFAO. This perfectly encompasses the title to this thread!
  7. If I had known about the fading benefits of tumble drying, I wouldve done it much sooner to my older pairs. Too much mysticism over washing/drying may actually prevent cool fades. Train tracks > Combs IMO but youve got both on those pair @BrownMetallic
  8. Thanks for sharing. The Flat Head experience you had is enviable.
  9. I thought Giles mentioned the regular 18oz undergo "light sanforization" in order to stabilize shrinkage. IH tends to sanforize or prewash most of their denim which kinda kills it for me.
  10. Thanks Ruedi! I wish i could say the same about my photography... this pair looks better in person. I have some more IH gear evo'd I'll post with hopefully higher resolution pics.
  11. I wore these IHxBBXRAW for a little over a year before getting into the habit of washing at least bi-weekly. This denim now comes sanforized correct? Would like a larger pair some day, too bad the BB cut is gone.
  12. These jeans have the nicest details and denim Ive bought so far. Id recommend picking em up if you ever want more banner denim. The cut was a bit slimmer than listed on their site although the waist is on the larger size so sizing up to a 36 mightve been kinda sloppy. Im craving a some 14.5 oz denim so my next pick up is the DD 1945.
  13. Hey everyone. Been wearing these Brown-Duck Diggers for 8-9 months or so. I have zero photo skills so Im sure these don't do this denim justice.