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  1. Saw this recently posted video of Kaoru, who makes the M-54 model and probably some other stuff too as the “2nd generation”. Shot in real time for the most part, looks like it takes about an hour per pair, not including cutting the fabric. Same user also has a few other videos of CSF jeans.


  2. @CSL pretty much. Someone will probably start a final submissions thread, and you can add final and progress pics and any thoughts. There will be some time limit, say two weeks, to submit photos before judging. Several of the Japanese contestants are on IG only, so I guess they will be submitting photos here. 

  3. These are certainly nothing special compared to all the cool boots and actual shoes people have posted. I got them because I had an ankle injury and everything else irritated it. Sanuk slip ons in grey canvas, which had faded quite nicely. I didn’t expect that!




  4. Not great mirror shot, but hopefully this gives some idea of the fit. Definitely slimmer and the white fabric is pretty gauzy. I’m 5’10” and 135 lbs, slim/athletic build. Went with a small which is what I take in all tshirts I can think of. It’s a 50/50 cotton poly blend, so hopefully no shrink, but it feels like it’ll stretch right back out too. With the TCB WW2 contest pair and their very high waist.


  5. Thought I would post some photos of a well worn Iron Heart shirt… that’s white! 
    This is the IHSH-202-wht, white (or natural) chambray, pimped with turquoise snaps. I decided when I got it I could either try to keep it pristine or beat the crap out of it. The latter is easier to do, and more fun. About 40 days, no washes. Pretty interesting to see reverse fades, as it’s gathered dirt and indigo over the years. Still getting some nice roping, haha!







  6. Not much to add, but I agree a very dick move. I don’t know how/if someone in Japan could sue someone in China. Is that even possible? Isn’t some inverse of that what has protected those Japanese denim makers using tabs and arcs from the litigious arms of Levi’s?

    I used to work in the wine world, and auctions are a big part of sales in the rare/older/big name side of things. Auction houses publish catalogs, photographed by their people. You can have a catalog, and buy the wine, but you don’t own the photos, which are often also published online.

    Sounds like this is a bit of a different situation than Christie’s or whoever, but not sure how buying the item for sale gives you ownership of all past images taken of said item, especially if they’re just floating around on the internet. Or why someone would even think that was true in the first place.

  7. One less pair of unworn Roys after today. I should’ve gotten one size up, but I’m pretty lean right now with my A race in ~two weeks, so it seemed like a good time to get them soaked and hopefully stretched out a little!





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