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  1. I actually think it looks great @Broark! It is certainly on the tighter side, but I do not think that is a bad thing personally especially given that the shoulders and sleeves look right. Without question I think it looks better with the t shirt than the chambray and even better with the t shirt tucked. I think the length is great, but I like short denim/cotton jackets. 

    If it is uncomfortable for you, then it's not a good fit, but I like how it looks. I am well aware that I am in the minority here, though.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Broark said:

    Curious to see those once you get them, I wanted the type I but was turned down. I’m convinced Konaka-san doesn’t like me lol.

    Sorry to hear that. It's weird how makers are. I'm now convinced that Brian from Role Club doesn't really like me anymore... and I still really like him and love my boots from him so hopefully I am just imagining things.

    Konaka-San isn't being very quick for me with these either... I keep asking when they will be done and he just keeps saying they're not done yet. I'm guessing it'll be quite some time before I get them.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Flash said:

    .... or a denim one , all these shite collabs  are taking away from all the other great stuff that he does 

    @dudewuttheheck make sure and post lots of pics , if I remember correctly you have the 41 as well ? If so could you do a bit of a comparison 

    I don't have any 41s unfortunately. I have the 22, 37, WWII SF, 46 first half, and 47s.

    Unfortunately, the 47s are up for sale because they're way too big now. Actually, all of mine are too big now, but I'm wearing them anyway. I went with 35 with these new ones so hopefully they'll fit a bit better. I will definitely post pics when I finally get them. He's really busy and still hasn't made them.

  4. Yikes. Not into that at all.

    On a more positive note, I should be getting a pair of the D-42 jeans eventually and those are at least based on an actual pair he has or has borrowed rather than being based on the ketchup they used to use in horror films.

  5. I was the same way when I got my first 'decent' jacket that wasn't actually great. I tried for quite some time to convince myself that it was good enough when I knew deep down that it wasn't. 

    Once I got my first truly great jacket (which was also a RMC A2), I could tell the difference immediately and I never had to convince myself to be happy with it.

  6. Does anyone know the actual weight of this fabric? I'm assuming it's the same as the one released before. I love the look of the jacket, but I'm hoping it's fairly light. It's not going to take time away from me wearing my leather jackets.

  7. Golden Bear is not bad. That price though is just too much for what you get IMO. Aero is not much more as is Thedi Leathers and for the same price as the Taylor Stitch, Schott is  better as is Vanson. In fact, Vanson can get you something better for less money.

  8. I will never understand this whole sea wash thing. 

    This is even more ridiculous than the "don't wash your jeans" mentality in my view. Even if it does do anything, which I doubt, it's so silly and ridiculous that it's not worth it.

    This post is a little strange because they seem to be trying to give a balanced take on it, giving pros and cons, but I still have doubts that there are pros at all.

    They even say themselves that if you are going to sea wash, you should machine wash afterward... so why sea wash in the first place? I don't see how a bit of sand rubbing really helps your jeans look better at all.

  9. 14 minutes ago, mpukas said:

    I'm very surprised you like Tanuki as much as you do. Even, at all... 

    I like a lot of jeans that are not strict repro actually. I just don't wear them or buy them too much anymore. I like a lot of Strike Gold fabrics, Tanuki fabrics, Samurai etc and my all time favorite denim fabric is from RJB. I have come close to buying many of them. I still regret not grabbing one of the Samurai 25oz anniversary pairs.

  10. Yeah the Oni collab denim is a little more neppy than I would like, but I think the warp and weft colors together are why I like it so much.


    That Flat Head denim looks brilliant and I would love a pair of those. Shame about the sizing. We have both sized incorrectly, but in the opposite directions :D

  11. @mpukas these are the regular cut with the earth denim. 

    As with many 'regular' or 'retro/vintage' cuts that are not made by actual repro brands, the rise is too low. I was sent them a few months ago when my waist was 3" wider and even then, they were slightly loose even after a machine wash. I bought them oversized for a higher rise, but the rise is still too low for me. Other than that, I like the cut. The hip flare is becoming too much on me now, but that obviously wouldn't be a problem with the correct size. 

    The denim is nice. My favorite of theirs is their 21oz secret denim collab with Oni, but I like this denim a lot as well. Nice texture and character without any over the top elements. My favorite fabric still goes to the last RJB fabric, but I like this a lot too. Construction is also quite good. I'm working on a full review as well. Basically my only real complaint is the rise which isn't low, just not as high as I would like.

  12. 7 hours ago, Collin said:

    @dudewuttheheck Did you shrink it further ? It fits sooo much better now and your lost of weight is really noticeable. Well done !

    @Flash Nice CSF tux! I love it

    Yes I hot washed and tumble dried it in order to shrink it down further. It shrunk a lot more than I expected, but I am glad it did.

    It's funny that it fits better now that I'm smaller and I always thought it was oversized, but yeah losing 26 pounds helped.

    7 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    Yep, I was confused what you were talking about but as the nice person I am, I simply kept my mouth shut  ;)

    Lol feel free to bust on me for that. It was dumb enough that I left it up for posterity.