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  1. Thanks @sven; this new pair I got from the 40s contest. I’m really grateful for this new pair but want to really get my current jeans past the point of utility before switching over, they have a good amount of life left in them and i want to pay my respects as long as they’ve still got it in em. Looking forward to seeing what you think of yours when you get them!

  2. Wow, thanks for the congratulations y’all! I’d really not expected to win anything but am excited to get a new pair of 40s at some point; they’re truly a perfect pair of jeans for me. Maybe a pair in black to change things up a bit. Congrats also to @Yot and @Hopethisoneisnttaken, and to everyone who participated; this was a lot of fun to be involved in. Hope we get to do another contest soon!

  3. Just got these secondhand Lone Wolf Carpenters in, off yahoo Japan for a pretty good price - finally got the sizing down after a couple of failed tries importing boots from Japan. For reference, I’m a us 9 brannock and took a 7.5 in these.


    They look to have had new soles glued on over the cats paw’s, which I guess I don’t mind, though I’d rather they had been properly resoled. The listing didn’t show any good pictures of the outsole so my fault for assuming they hadn’t been messed with.


    Also noticed the leather is cracking a bit around the welt - do you all reckon this might cause any issues down the line? Maybe this isn’t why they were properly resoled? Oh well, at least they fit and look good, and were cheap… if I gotta keep gluing new soles down every so often I guess that’s not so bad…


  4. I love the 132 silhouette, one of my all time favourites; going to start on a pair once my old tcbs and new canes are worn out. You wear it perfectly IMO @bartlebyyphonics - high, loose and unconcerned, which might have also been a fitting description of myself as a 22 year old, wearing my original pair of tenders…

    the one thing I wonder is how the rise feels now, years on… i worry I (and others) have been spoiled by the tcb 40s and other belly-button-obscuring cuts, as is the case when putting on my old tender 129s, something about that mid-rise feels mildly exposed and even restricted…

  5. Some early wear on my flat head engineers - cheomexcel scratches up real easy I’m realizing, lol. This is pretty much just from riding my bike around and a couple tire-kickin roadside repairs on my truck, otherwise I’ve been pretty sedentary. I don’t like how the left toe is creasing but feel like there’s not much i can do about it - hopefully it smooths out a bit in the future. About a month of real wear so far & no cleaning or maintenance.



    As an aside, anyone using any new leather conditioners they’re into? I’m about done with my bottle of saphir and looking to try something new.


  6. @djungelorm It’s likely it could have been a macaw, parrot or another tropical bird; central New Mexico was a primary trade route for indigenous peoples from as far south as the western Amazon and all the way up to northern British Columbia. Chetro Ketl (in Chaco Canyon natl park) is one of the more important trading centres, where during excavation in the 1930s researchers found whale teeth and parrot feathers, Amazonian clay pottery, and stones / gems / etc, among other artifacts, from pretty much every major geographic region between the two continents. The site was abandoned in the mid 12th century, so would have preceded any written ethnographic study by spanish conquistadors by a few hundred years. But the evidence for this sort of extensive trade and exchange of goods between continents is very well documented. Really cool that you got to visit so many historical sites while you were here!

  7. @AlientoyWorkmachine thank you! Yeah, this is probably the last winter road trip I’ll take on a bike with no wind protection :P My boss at work always brags to me about riding to new mexico from florida on a 400cc honda in the early 70s and i kinda had that in mind setting out on this trip, but people musta been tougher back then or something!

    and you’re right, the rb filled up like 1/3 of my bag, lol, but it was fun to have something i needed to be so intentional about setting up. It came with a 120 back that needs new light seals but i am considering just shooting sx-70 on it forever; the big wide clear lens combined with the magic of that colour chemistry feels really special to me in the limited time ive used it so far.

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