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  1. Double post for double more outfit. This time some fresh denim and a new shirt I just picked up. What do you guys think about the "shoot" location ? I'm getting bored of my garage door.




  2. Military inspired outfit for spring. Temperatures are getting a little bit lower in Switzerland. It's rare I'm not wearing any denim ! :D







  3. 3 hours ago, superheavent said:

    Wow! amazing work my friend! do you wash it regularly? how many washes until you reach this state? machine or hand wash?


    They were one wash when new. I hot hand washed in my tub at around 1 month mark with detergent then machine washed and dry approx. every 30 wears.

  4. @volvo240thebest You have to acquire it ! I've tested some others same model and only the one at The Real Mccoy's was near TCB ones. I've seen Inoue-san faded one and it's awesome!

    Sizewise I can't really compared to anything hat related as it's my first "branded" headwear. I have a pretty small head and wear S in the denim and the brown canvas (which fit about the same). Don't forget that the fabrics are unsanforized and shrink but of course stretch with wear.

    I tried to measure the inside circumference of my hat and I measured 55 centimeters and got 55-56 for my head aswell if it can help at all.

  5. 1 hour ago, Maio said:

    So I got my 50s jeans in size 38 today. They fit horribly :( The waist and rise is perfect but they were sooooo wide compared to my 505s in 38. I will sadly have to return them.... Where do you think I should go from here? Is the 60s more likely to be like my 505s? Or should I go for 50s slim? 

    The life of a fat man.... :)

    Yes a fit pic will definitely allow us to help you out. 

    I would NOT recommend the slim as the rise is REALLY low, unless you like it that way. 60's could do the trick. You could always tailor your regular 50 with a little bit of taper, just sayin',

  6. Another trip to the washing machine and a little bit of dryer. I'm really happy with how those 50slim are turning !











  7. OA01XX before hot soak which shrank it a lot ! I will post the after photos when it's dry :D.

    I'm currently writing an article in French and English about unsanforized denim and OOE on borasification.com stay tuned !



  8. 13 hours ago, i_denim said:

    I am resisting picking up a pair of orslow 107. Which sites usually offer discounts on this brand ?

    EndClothing, but check on rakuten, they are at the same price at retail than when END have sales on them

  9. I think that Indigo means new rinse. It equals to the rigid version being one-washed in the factory before selling. It will barely shrink anymore but some of indigo will be lost in the process.

    The rigid version is the RAW version and will shrink considerably when washed the first time. Like the Flat head you need to soak the rigid version prior to wearing.

    Anyways, it is just a guess by looking at the pictures you've shared. Best way to find out is to send an email to superdenim :)

  10. In my opinion you should size down 1 if you like the fit right that way. It will stretch and might be too loose and one size less could be exactly like that with the stretch that is going to happen.

  11. I've been looking at OOE for a while but really hesitating in buying the OA02-1017 ! What is the consensus on sizing this fit  ? I'm a 30 in almost everything (TCB50, flathead 3005, Boncoura) is +1 (31) the way to go ?



  12. Yep... Definitly a low rise but it's worth it if your body type allow it or if you can adapt. You could also check 714 which has a mid rise but is very tapered. If you are on the small size like me, once hemmed short the taper isn't so drastic.

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