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  1. 1 hour ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

    Last idea is if you’ve got any space where you live, rip up (part of?) your lawn and plant native plants or pollinators. That’s an easy enough and rewarding hobby for sure. 

    Not a bad idea, we actually recently cleaned out some beds in our backyard for this exact purpose. We’re renting our place so not entirely sure how much we can do, but might clear out some more. It’s very rewarding!

  2. Hope y'all have been doing well, been a bit busy lately as I was interviewing and landed a new job!
    I turned in my notice last week and my boss (of almost 6 years) told me to hit the road so now I've got a bunch of time on my hands until my start date.

    Any hobbies I should pick up in the next month? :laugh2:

  3. Basically what Alien said above ^.
    Pretty sure there is an Oni thread, but I don't think the brand gets much traction these days (around here at least) since the denim is so irregular and generally heavier weight.
    Most people here are more interested in repros or lesser known brands, not big slubzzz and straight tapered fits.

  4. @JohnM I went with an 11.5 E, they feel like the right size lengthwise although I might’ve been able to get away with the standard width. So half a size down from Brannock for me. Some decent arch support, the soles on this pair are very springy. Was just traveling with them and they held up really well running through the airport.

  5. I really want the turn down collar jacket but I have to pump the brakes. It's already getting hot here so I wouldn't get much wear out of it this year. :sad:
    I might be planning a Japan trip soon (sooner than later if this job opportunity works out). If I do go I'll be sure to meet up with Seiichiro, I'm sure he'll try to sell me that sweater. :laugh2:

  6. Definitely agree with Julian here, I think the 601XX-C might be too wide in the thighs. It's a pretty relaxed cut, especially in the top block.
    While it's not a '37 model, FW will be releasing a '42 model soon (in the next few months) that has somewhat similar details.
    Those might still be a little wide, but by comparison they should be a little bit slimmer than the 601XX-C.

  7. Picked up a pair of Catchball sneakers,  pretty affordable from Musinsa (which I think is just a Korean proxy shop?).
    These are probably going to be my go-to for canvas sneakers going forward, the Ortholite sole is nice and cushioned.
    Canvas feels sturdy, unlike the US Rubber sneakers I got last year. I went for a size 30 which equates to US 12 and they feel great.

  8. Pre and post wash measurements for the w38, initial wash done as per OA's suggestion (1 hour bath soak in 40c water, cold wash and hang dried in the sun).
    I typically just chuck them into the washing machine, but felt like doing the whole bit for this pair. :blush:
    Pre wash:
    Waist: 38 in.
    Front rise: 13.5 in.
    Back rise: 17 in.
    Thigh: 14.5 in.
    Knee: 11 in.
    Hem: 10 in.
    Inseam: 36 in.

    Post wash:
    Waist: 35 in.
    Front rise: 12.5 in.
    Back rise: 17 in. (not sure how this didn't shrink?)
    Thigh: 14 in.
    Knee: 10 in.
    Hem: 9.75 in.
    Inseam: 33 in.

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