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  1. WTT 3A-3TS Laminat for 3TS Xpac.
  2. Anyone got a 3A-msol 1? Looking to weird out my co-workers
  3. That explains the influx of raging priced bags on grailed
  4. Edit: Sorted, thanks.
  5. J28/P23/w+h slips/uniqlo
  6. I struggled with going either P23 or P17 for the longest time as I was unsure about the TS, too. But after not being able to find a pair of 17, I came across a great deal on 23 and just did it. Now I couldn't imagine not having having it. I love it. Even without modulars attached, if looks so cool.
  7. Amazing
  8. Let me help you fund those upcoming SS17 purchases! Still on the hunt for: 3A-3TS Xpac 3A-MTS4 PayPal ready!
  9. Missed it!
  10. Anyone got an older (with the logo tape, or foil) 3A 3TS they're looking to get rid of? Condition doesn't matter! Lemme know, thanks again guys!
  11. Still looking for the following: 3A-3T3 3A-MTS4 paypal ready!
  12. Still after a 3a mts4. PayPal ready
  13. WTB: 3A-MTS4 paypal ready!
  14. Still looking! Sorry
  15. Still looking for P17 in medium. Please take my money