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  1. is anyone selling a fuji x100s?

  2. is anybody selling fuji x100s?

  3. the crispy feeling of freshly washed jeans

  4. art galleries serve wine on opening nights so you get drunk and buy shit you don't actually want

    1. ordo


      Freedom brings men rudely and directly face to face with their own personal responsibility for their own free actions.

  5. it's my birthday. you may all pitch in to buy me either a canon g15 or a pair of glow in the dark crocs

  6. my jeans rarely get worn in the summer; i'm just not 'bout that life no more

  7. my birthday is in a week and a half who is buying me a canon g15?

    1. SSchadenfreude


      sorry. maybe if you were thinCARLA

  8. officially summer

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    2. wahwho11


      i just bought a cape. does that mean i have to wait til fall to wear it?

    3. fobsquad


      still autumn in australia

    4. bill


      autumn is back and i love it

  9. i can't wait to sit around smoking doobies and listening to jazz

    1. Vampyrvargfesten



    2. wahwho11



  10. spring semester be over!

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    2. wahwho11


      if you size down, a panel of judges will review your fit. if further action must occur you will be disqualified from the contest and wear dior.

    3. akuma no uta

      akuma no uta

      im 230 lbs can i join?

    4. wahwho11


      is 230 lbs = to at least 22 oz per sq. yard?

  11. never forget the time i neg repped this guy and he messaged me calling me a faggot...

    1. denimdestroyedmylife


      never forget the time i pos repped this guy and he massaged me calling me a faggot...

    2. canadafaf


      never forget the time I commented on a status and he messaged me asking about My Bloody Valentine

    3. fatKARLOS


      never forget

  12. i had a dream last night the thread on the outer seam of my left leg broke and there was a big gaping hole where my knee is. needless to say it was terrifying.

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    2. jackg


      There seemed to emanate from it a light from within this gleaming, radiant marble. I'd known this place. I, in fact, had been born and raised there. This was my first return. A reunion with the deepest wellsprings of my being. Wandering about I noticed happily that the house had been immaculately maintained. There'd been added a number of additional rooms but in a way that blended so seamlessly with the original construction one would never detect any difference. Returning to the hous...

    3. shoreman


      You lived in Downton Abbey?

    4. denimdestroyedmylife


      last night i dreamt i was playing an electric bass in a guitar shop. the name on the headstock: haley. she had a gray pearl polyurethane finish and active pickups.

  13. i need a belt.........

    1. ordo


      let us know when you have to go to the bathroom.

    2. fatKARLOS


      i kinda of have to pee now. shall i bottle it up for you?

  14. patiently waiting for the nice folks at BiG to hem my new eternals

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    2. Dropt


      Man I wish I could hem my pants at BiG's, lucky bastard.

    3. fatKARLOS


      the guy helping me said he'd hem off 3" and he only did 2"......

    4. ordo


      Just goes to show you can't trust people.

  15. someone buy my jeans!

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    2. denimdestroyedmylife


      i wish happiness at you superfuture

    3. ordo


      a beautiful thing has happened here


    4. superfuture
  16. my jeans will meet the tub once again soon.

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    2. denimdestroyedmylife


      i heard the clouds were giving out water. they make you dance for it. it kinda sucks. nvm.

    3. Dropt


      Soak it baby… yeah…

    4. cheapmuthafukr


      jeans so wet her pussy gets mad at me

  17. hahahah dranoff!! you have no idea who i am but youve seen me around and weve talked jeans

  18. lol nobody cares!!!1!1111!111!!! faggot

  19. day 13 on my pbj purple faces!

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    2. redX


      damn what a burn D:

    3. Gecko


      day 14 is always the worst bro

    4. fatKARLOS


      i dont understand...like do yall think you're funny?? this happens to be my profile so i think ill post what ever the fuck i want be it a daily fucking log of what i wear. go suck yourself.

  20. hanging up my naked and famous glow in the dark weird guys and wearing apc ns everyday now because i like them better anyway

  21. this girl came up to me and was like "wash your pants!" and i just walked away

  22. just soaked my apc ns for ~35 min...water turned a yellowish green tint hahaha

    1. darkknight


      hahahaha, that's hillarious!

    2. fatKARLOS


      @darkknight what did you expect lol

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