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  1. is there ever going to be another run of the dry bones collab?

    Nope, your best chance at getting a pair would probly be putting a "want to buy" topic up in the supermarket and seeing if you get lucky!

    Also something to consider..there is a new dry bones collab coming out soon that looks to be reallly nice..

  2. Debating between the DC 4001s and the Anniversary jeans. Which should I choose?

    well are you looking for a straight fit ...or a slim straight fit..cause the measurements are pretty different.

  3. Fit pic of an XL, over my IHW-01. This thing is incredibly comfortable and warm. Double IH leather pulls on top and bottom zipper. Really debating grabbing this... I would highly recommend getting into an SE near you to feel it/ try it on/ buy it in person!!!


    iron heart thread..chex it out brah

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342