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  1. On 3/4/2021 at 9:31 AM, Flash said:

    Decided to go with the 1950 25th anniversary pair , not one of my 2 choices from the last post but thought about it and I've been wearing nothing but s501xx and 1946 repros for the past 5 years and a change would be nice , be different to look down and see copper stitching 

    Couldn't resist the 25th 1946 ...so I bought those too . I sold the 46 duck diggers i had mainly because of the pocket shape and the position of the arcs ( too low ) and i think the 25th are pretty much perfect both in pocket shape ( apart from the same intentional mistake at the bottom of both pockets ) and arc shape/position. Really looking forward to them 

  2. Not claiming any expert status I'd put it down to the usual boring answer of wartime production.  While I couldn't find an example to the extreme of my conners there are plenty of examples of the panels being sewn with the twill running in different directions 


    did Yoshiaki take some liberties in this detail ?? Havent got a clue . Tried looking through his old Instagram pics put got back as far as 2018 and the ipad wouldnt load any more up . I don't think its outside the realm of possibility that the pair he based these off had this same detail but who knows 

  3. I get what your saying mate , but i think im done as far as debating quality/honesty/whatever . Seems it's the only time this thread gets any activity 

    Were all gonna have different opinions on brands and stuff but this particular discussion is feeling a bit old 


    1 minute ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    Flash, I know you love CSF (possibly more than most on here) and clearly would’ve continued buying them if the price hadn’t headed north at such a rate. I know you’re looking at Warehouse to fill a CSF-shaped gap. Based on your last experience do you think there’s a chance you might be disappointed again (as they’re simply not CSF) and end up biting  the bullet and paying ¥60k? I hope Warehouse works for you though.

    I dont know mate 

    I started to pick flaws I'm the last warehouse I got after a few weeks , should have been obvious to me beforehand but I'm impulsive and jump into things without thinking them out fully . I'm hoping this time is different because the 1950 25th I've bought look pretty damn good from the pics 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Broark said:

    In theory the product is the same, I guess what I'm more referencing is the whole feel/ethos of the brand and the entire buying experience. 
    The astronomical growth of the label, the looming price increases and the super extended wait time all just put me off a bit from what I originally experienced I guess.
    Not saying this is a detriment to the end product whatsoever, I think he still puts out the same great authentic repro I purchased years back.
    I just don't have the same interest in the product now that there are other factors playing into the equation.

    Definitely respect your opinion here mate . 

    But I think they have adapted to the changes in demand ( especially international) as best they could with the exception of the price rise 

  6. Just now, shredwin_206 said:

    So you’re saying he’s following the WH Ranch business model....

    hahahah sounds like he has shit together way better than Ryan Martin tho 

    Unfair to tar the man with that brush 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Broark said:

    Originally it was about one guy replicating an era of jeans very thoughtfully and carefully. 

    What's different now ? I've bought stuff from him for the past 5 years and I've never have I re ieved a product and thought it was any less than the original pair I started with .

    As far as the wait times go there isn't all that much you can do about that but Yoshiaki did stop taking orders to clear the backlog and I did think this was admirable , he didn't just automatically see dollar signs 

    But the price increase ..... nothing ive seen can justify that 

  8. 21 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:


    It creates hype that can/does lead to disappointment - but I don’t think the guys here are disappointed in CSF, I think most people are just now questioning the apparent price hike and that sounds a bit like criticism.


    The price hike is a real kick in the teeth for me so feel the same as everyone else in that respect ,  its pushed there jeans out of my reach .... if I'm honest the original pricing was too much for me given my income/mortgage bills and whatnot .


  9. @JohnM I do understand a bit of  where your coming from but it seems you have either missed the point in what csf set out to achieve , it was never about making a quality ( looking ) product it was to capture the spirit of jeans they were attempting to copy .... or you just dont believe it ? And if that's the case then I respect your opinion and dont see any reason to convince you otherwise . I've made my feeling about conners known many times so there is no reason to go over it again but I will admit that the recent price has put me off buying any more . 



  10. Decided to go with the 1950 25th anniversary pair , not one of my 2 choices from the last post but thought about it and I've been wearing nothing but s501xx and 1946 repros for the past 5 years and a change would be nice , be different to look down and see copper stitching 

  11. Emailed them last night , just waiting for a reply . They seem to be fully stocked and that makes me think they maybe just havent updated there stock to show there sold out ??? Fingers crossed anyway 

    I'm stuck between these and the deadstock blue , only thing that puts me off the DSB is the tab ..... even thought about dying it if I was to buy one :D

  12. Anyone know of a shop that still has stock of the 25th anniversary 1946 jeans ? Was gonna buy a pair on yahoo auctions but zen market have a warning saying the intem may be prohibited for shipping and to contact them first ( but they are slow as f#$k to respond ) 



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