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  1. Pretty sure I mentioned these a few pages back 

    Donny 1 







    Always wanted a pair of jordan 1 Chicago's but no chance I was ever gonna pay reseller prices ( the whole reseller thing disgusts me ) . I love the concept of the Donny's , being a reproduction of a bootleg jordan 1 ( there based on the pro jogg jordan bootlegs ) 




  2. @unders

    Thats the exact pair mate ( lovely pair of jeans ) , got a lot  going on with Nippers and whatnot so im just gonna have to wait and see if I've got a few quid spare when they release 

  3. 1 hour ago, discwork said:

    @Flash curious how you're lighting the photos? I'm certainly not a pro, but it looks like the light is dropping off towards the back of the photos. Adding some kind of white poster or foam board opposite your light source may help brighten up some of those spots. This guide has some helpful images on that kind of setup.

    :D the sun .... it was an overcast day so I thought I'd give it a go , I've got a lighting rig I bought so I guess I'll try using that indoors 

  4. Well the ^ smock didn't work out , measurements on the site were way off

    So I've been "trying" to take some product pics for the Nippers webstore and id appreciate your input , I'm next to clueless about photography ( as long as its the right way up its usually fine in my book ) 

    All deadstock vintage 60/70's sneakers 

    DSC_0140 (2)






    DSC_0149 (2)




    DSC_0134 (2)



    Love the sole on this last pair 

  5. Ordered this vintage 1960's British army cadet smock and I'm pretty excited to get it , I'm pretty content with what I own as far as reproduction clothing is concerned so for the foreseeable I'm just gonna try and pick up the odd vintage piece 






    Really cool design and a bit of a change from the regular M-65/51 jackets knocking about , nice bit of wear on it as well which is only a good thing in my book 

  6. :D definitely not mate @Duke Mantee has helped me out a lot with a lot of different things and ill always be grateful to you and duke and others that have helped me make this real . Its awesome to be a part of this community and meet so many great people and many great friends 

    .... and your messy painting is being framed ;)

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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