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  1. Really? I just straight up like them. I really love how fast paced they are without being insane death metal/black metal. I mean the complexities of the music can really only be enjoyed by people who really enjoy drumming. If I didn't love the drums I doubt I'd be into this music, and I mean not everyone can stand the screaming but personally I like it. Okubo is an insanely talented guitarist, I mean he literally fills in for the rhythm and lead guitarist. The bassist is also insane, he was on youtube before he was in the band actually. sam Applebaum is also an insanely talented drummer.

    Listened to the recently released album and I must say I'm in the wrong on this one! Great album! Listening to it through proper headphones instead of my shit computer speakers really made a world of difference. Kind of weird but thanks for making me re-think my opinion ;)

    ^Nice kit! I use 18 and 20'' crashes as my splash cymbals lololol kit's so loud. Pics monday when I have time!

  2. dudes that make out with their girlfriends in the gym. on the machine you want to use.

    Hahaha I would fuck shit up if that were to happen to me.

    I really hate kids that wear tapout shirts and talk about how they fight people at parties (this is a group of fools at my gym..). They follow that shit up with a step by step re-enactment of the fight with piss poor technique. It's only a matter of time before those idiots get curb stomped.

  3. This is in that meshuggah type of feel and much less repetitive hahaha. I've been enjoying the album a lot lately.

    I'll give the recent veil of maya album a listen and report back haha.

    I have a Gretsch Catalina Club (8'', 12'', 16'', 22'') with a Pork Pie custom snare. Shit ton of Sabian cymbals (love dat warranty) and Meinl hi-hats.

  4. I've never been a fan of Veil of Maya simply due to the fact that they sound very dry. It's kind of frustrating since they're such talented musicians.

    I play drums and within the first few posts I thought to myself that this was going to turn into a new drumming thread hahaha. I'm not near the mentioned drummers (who is really?? haha) but I could play in a Djent band I think!

    I used to play a lot of post-metal and hardcore tho! The drumset is in the process of changing from a metalcore setup to a djent setup.

  5. I strongly dislike Meshuggah for some reason. I love all of the mentioned bands in the thread and have listened to their most recent albums multiple times but Meshuggah just seems way too repetitive and boring..

    From what I've heard, I'm the only one with this opinion of them hahaha

  6. all up in dat shit.

    Uneven Structures is beyond amazing.

    Intervals is also really good!

    T.R.A.M.'s album came out a few hours ago, it's got a lot more jazz than djent but I can't see a djentleman hating on it! haha

  7. Dude, seriously?! firstly I've been aware of sufu for a while now (since '08), and ok I did something really stupid there (and I know I've only got myself to blame - before you start!) only because I'm not all that into watches. I wouldn't know know an ear from an arse when it comes to it (watches, that is, not actual physical anatomy).

    I assume a few members would have seen my post and thought 'what an idoit' and probably has a little giggle to themselves, at least i added something to the thread....YOUR contribution was 2 negative reps and that shitty comment above? Wow! I would've much rather appreciated better banter, I'm always up for that shit but how did that ^^ make you come across as anything other than a jerk?...

    on a side note;

    SEVEN FUCKING DOLLARS?!!! I feel like a fucking mug right now

    Firstly, you posted that you got scammed when you bought something that was overpriced. Secondly, shut the fuck up.

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