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  1. What's with all you dudes saying 'now I have more money to spend on myself'. Do you drop that much cash on a bitch?

    The best I do is take them out for supper once a month and maybe some other random shit. Huge max of 40$ a month.

    Current girl's mom cooks literately 5 star meals, so I haven't even taken her out to diner yet. I think I've paid for tea and coffee once so far... BUYING ALL DAT JAWNZ

  2. All of my success stories would be so boring tho. Saw the bitch, asked her out on the spot, got the date or saw the bitch, struck up a great conversation, next time I saw her, I asked her out and the occasional facebook message since I wasn't going to see her anytime soon.


  3. Hi,

    I've already hot soaked a pair of Roy's and want to get some more shrinkage out of them and they're still a bit baggy. Just wondering if a second wash will shrink them even more, or has the hot soak already done most of the shrinkage?


    It probably has got the most shrinkage out. The only way would be to get an even hotter soak but keep in mind they will also stretch with wear. Therefore if they're already too loose, they're only going to get worst with time. Selling them might be the option. Buy sanforized next time lolol

  4. A while back ,my ex cheated on me with her boss. He was a 35 year old, married man. Also, shortly after that, she ended up fucking the other married dude she worked with. Both really ugly, old indian dudes.

    I got over her when I suspected her of cheating and kept my distance with her but stayed in the relationship out of pity (she was going through a rough patch). Didn't have sex with her in the last 3 months of our relationship (it was a really fucking weird relationship).

    I was never hung up on her or anything but I got really mad at the fact that she kept talking about how she wished sex wasn't at the centre of every relationship and how she would never cheat on me since it hurt her ex so much (cheated on that guy..).

    All I have to say is, if the bitch has cheated in the past, she won't hesitate to do it again. I've seen this girl cry over how bad she felt about cheating on him and she had the balls to do it to me. She also shed tears during the break up. I'll never understand that bitch. She completely tainted my respect for women.

    I'm in another relationship right now and this girl seems like the last girl on earth that would do anything of the sort, but I'm still on edge about loyalty. I'm not a jealous guy or over-protective, I just get uneasy a lot quicker now.

    Main reason why I posted this is for the thread to show up in my content, to ultimately follow the whole Clopek beef.

  5. ^omg you're such a noob. Ur like not supposed 2 wash them before 6 months! The Nudie 'How to properly fade you jeans' guide says so.

    Clearly soaking them in vinegar and cooking them is less damaging than a cold cycle with a detergent. Such a noob omg.

    I find this topic got low response from the senior denimheads while those who are still new is flooding this topic.yet only a selected few is answered..

    Because most of these questions have been previously answered or are mindblowingly stupid.

  6. 555739_10151405205635702_595675701_23447267_1247525340_n.jpg

    So much left to be done.. FIrst session. Believe it or not, the shoulder was the most painful since anywhere he went, it would trigger my nerves so bad. My neck, jawline, lower back and tricep were going apeshit... -__-

  7. ^^I would never be able to stay with a busted ass girl even if she had the best personality ever. Might just be me but I try to find that one girl that has everything.

    ^with a 3 year, 50$+ monthly bill silly Denton

  8. Dating the sexiest girl I've ever seen (including all the hollywood actresses) and she's incredibly smart, funny and all that jazz. She's in no way crazy or controlling and she's got a model body with a really nice ass.

    I'm blown away and I just have this creeping feeling that something's going to go wrong. Everything is just going way too smoothly and we click on everything.

    Might post a pic, I'll double check with her lolol.


  9. I'm blown away by how doctorworm got 70-something +reps for his fit. Not going to post here because you guys will kill me but can someone explain to me the fuck is going on with that?

    Great poster and all but fuck...


  10. I've done 5 and a half. The last 50 minutes were alllllllll ankle colouring/shading. Stupid painful.

    It should be pretty easy! You have enough endorphins for at least 3 hours when you get tattooed. The last hour might be a bit of a stretch but bearable! I'll report back next week haha ;)

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