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  1. I make my women pay for half the shit usually. Works.

    Am I an asshole or do I have game...? Not sure.

    Also, Djrajio is a 29 YEAR OLD B.A.L.L.A.„¢ FROM TOKYO. Don't fuck with him. So much game.

    And to add to Boybetterknow's comment, french bitches from Montreal and Europe are fucking crazy. I seem to have had more sanity coming from Acadian chicks.

  2. Top plays on iTunes:


    Hardcore (amazing vocals)

    Oh and my favourite djent is posted in the thread:

    Uneven structures (Clean vocals and shit)

    Animals as leaders (instrumental)

    Humanity's last breath (non-stop heavy)

  3. me not giving a fuck has lead me to not giving a fuck about chasing womenz and what girls think resulting in me opening up and talking to said bz.

    now i think i love her. (n***a you don't luv me, n***a you don't luv me, n***a you don't luv me)


    burrr indeed... ummm... just don't drake stare at her or punch her tit

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