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  1. Man, this is some chump type shit, but I got nowhere else to turn at the moment:

    So I've been seeing this girl for a few months and for whatever reason, I decide to ask her if we could get more serious today. Turns out there's another guy she's seeing, which is totally fine, because there was no commitment in the first place. Thing is, it seems like she's leaning a little bit more toward this guy and I dunno if I'm wasting my time here or not. Right now, I'm the only one she can be seeing since he isn't around, but I'll be leaving in a week for home (for a month and a half) and he'll be here while I'm gone. She could be playing both of us, but I dunno.

    I'm torn between waiting this out or totally bailing. She wants to see me Saturday and we still parted ways tonight without any awkward shit between us, but I don't know if I should even continue to see her. I know the many fish in the sea concept but the thing is, is that I really don't have many options at the moment, otherwise I'd totally cut. When I go home for the month I'm for sure not going to be meeting anyone and I'm a little bit introverted in the first place so it's a hassle for me to meet people.

    I actually do have another girl that I've been seeing, but she couldn't find work around here so she won't be around for the summer. I'd have to wait until September to start things up with her again.

    Oh yeah, and while we were talking she mentioned "I like you, but now isn't the right time" and she went on to try to explain to me about all this universe bull shit and how we're all on set paths. I dunno, I just feel like I'm fighting a somewhat losing fight and I don't really want to be the second fiddle. On the other hand, I don't have many other choices, and I'm somewhat discouraged after putting all this effort into this girl.

    Treat her like shit and hate fuck her

  2. best way to contact an someone you haven't seen in 4 years?

    make facebook and contact her? sounds weird


    Not an ex just a fling I had with a girl in highschool. Didn't smash or anything.


    Fuck I'm this chicks rebound. Is there a way to get out of that or what she's really fine

    Feel like a chump right now jdksldjkslslskalakmsjd whatever. But like I like this girl lol wasn't supposed to go this way......

    Didn't we call it? Keep smashing, don't fall for her.

  3. Would've negged all of Djrajio's posts but sufu won't allow me to rep :(

    Also, the guy that created an account to post that dumbass story about not having the balls to ask a bitch out for coffee made me lol really hard. So much chump in those 3 posts

  4. One of my friends was dating a psycho bitch and she ended up leaving him because she 'needed to find herself'. I was so relieved because I had a vibe that she would try to stab him or kill herself if he initiated a break up.

    I see a trend happening here...

    Edit: Dovo.. What's your take on crazy bitches?

  5. Typically, as you're falling out of love with someone, you tend to create distance and more often than not you try to find someone to begin a new relationship with. The whole process makes it even easier to distance yourself from the other person and sets you up for another relationship.

    Watch out dude, it might end up working great and everything but that's pretty sketch behaviour. She might end up guilt tripping herself the whole relationship and it would just suck baaaawwwllllz.

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