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  1. If you can see her in person, ask her in person. Asking someone out via facebook/email is really a last resort if you won't run into the person in the future. Even then it's really risky..

    Just something like, 'hey, would you like to go out for tea (she hates coffee lolol) sometime?' can't hurt.

  2. holy crap there are some people trying to give out advice that have no game whatsoever (oceansect)

    also, just getting this shit in my content for the promised pics of said 'ok, kind of hot, cute but not hot and something like shtanky pussy girl' by djrajio

  3. LOL. Finally got around to taking the pictures.

    Here's the kit!!



    I used to play in a technical post-metal band, guitarist was using two 200watt heads soooo basically, my crashes are a 24'' ride and a 21'' ride, my splashes are 20 and 18'' crashes.. Used to have a 24x20 bass drum and shit.. Too poor to djent up the kit with effect cymbals but these totally do the trick! I've been moving the cymbals around a lot but this seems about right!

  4. 1) I didn't read most of the posts in this thread yet. Don't have a computer browsing sufu on my phone wassup

    2) I don't have Facebook lolls

    3) I'm so sorry a controversial video about Africans made the rounds on the Internet which brought a huge wave of people reading up on the problems behind it and thus reading up on actual problems in Africa and allowing more helpful charities to piggyback off it's popularity. Really, I'm sorry.

    4) I forget

    5) uhhhh oh right. What the hell do you want our military to do? Be in two wars at once for no particular reason that I think we can all agree are pretty much pointless to fight at this point? I think having a military is a necessity, as much as I am against warfare, but since we need one we might as well try to wield it against crazy dudes who I think we can all agree are evil. I don't remember if this addresses a point you made as it's too hard to scroll back up on my phone to read what you wrote again.


    LOL. I clearly wrote 3 lines of hate because I didn't want to elaborate on something you could google and find out for yourself.

    Also, your 5th point is incredibly off topic especially considering what I wrote. Last of all, I never said I was against spreading the video (as I wrote). I'm against blindly donating to a fraudulent charity and thinking it's going to make a difference.

    Learn how to read...

  5. On the 22nd, I'm getting my arm, chest, sternum, collarbone, shoulder and ribs tattooed. Maybe a bit of the armpit too... depending on what the artist feels.

    I'll be able to add to this once it goes down haha. Pics for sure.


  6. ???

    cooking a pound of spinich reduces it alot

    Cooking spinach or any other vegetable removes most of it's nutrients. It's not really a matter of space but more a matter of: I already eat a bowl a day and the fucking bin is half full at the end of the week.

    I'm assuming it's 1lb... Could be more

  7. I don't get why you guys don't want to stop Kony. I mean yeah it's trendy but like srsly it's a good cause. Is there any harm in stopping him? No. So stop acting like kids just coz you hate whatever is popular.

    OR show me a good argument why we shouldn't stop him.

    I'll admit that probably another one will rise in his place, and it's only because of systemic issues created by world powers, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't stop Kony. So give me a different argument.

    GAAAAD DAMNIT DUDE. No one has ever stated that we shouldn't stop him. What the 'haters' say is donate to a charity that actually does something about the situation and stop acting like you're important because you share a god damn video on your facebook.


  8. 9j9Ft.jpg

    geller x levis, outlier, nb

    This one might not be the typical worst fit (I never know with you guys) but two collars + a shit fade on the denim shirt, along with the new balances is a bit too much for me.

    I feel like I should've been harsher..

  9. A small knife and flashlight. It's mostly for whatever I encounter during backpacking trips and such like hobos and shit haha. I'm looking to spend probably less than $50 on each of them. And any recommendations on a multi-tool, too?

    Lol... thanks for being specific!

    With your specifications, I can tell you to buy any 4sevens, fenix, zebra or surefire that use a single battery.

    Also, look into any spyderco or kershaw under 3.5'' in blade length and 50$.

    As for multitools, check out leathermans. The Juice line is fairly small, they recently came out with other smaller ones that are in that price range too.

    If you come up with actual specifications, I or any other person here, or google can help you out!

  10. This Kony shit is getting scary.. For my city, there are 10 000 people attending the 'April 20th Vandalism'.

    10 fucking thousand people are going to be putting posters all over poor little Ottawa :'(

    10 000 ill informed young youtubers.

    32 million views on the youuuutube!!???

  11. I don't really care about the whole situation, I was just venting with all of this Facebook propaganda going on (kony, this cwg, the kony hate..., god damn fake canada goose hate). That whole 'Do something, make a change in this world!' bullshit that people try to guilt trip you into doing while you've been doing shit throughout the year with your own incentive, not due to some gadamn video telling you to do shit.

    I just feel like some women should try to protect themselves as much as they can. It sucks that they have to, but getting yourself drunk without anyone to protect you/take care of you is highly irresponsible for a person of either sex.

  12. ^trevor, you've never met that bz who can just turn you into a mojoless mess, have you?

    I have.. currently dating her lololol. I would just choke up for the first few seconds but would man the fuck up and get shit rolling.

    Been dating her for a few weeks now and I'm just getting used to her beauty/booty.

  13. really??

    you think its ok to root someone who is completly smashed, incapable of making an informed decision?

    fuckin cavemen

    I've never been a fan of your posts but this is just ridiculous. Calling me a fucking caveman... Eat shit.

    I'll start off by saying, this girl had a boyfriend initially and admitted she was flirting with this one guy while getting intoxicated. It's beside the point but it shows that she's not the most loyal/well behaved people.

    What annoyed me with the picture is that she tries to pass her negligence off as society's fault and not her own. It is NOT ok that some douche took advantage of her, it is NOT ok that her boyfriend hurt her physically and I absolutely respect women that stand up for themselves.

    This girl is apparently super strong and a role model to people since she has no shame in admitting what she's done. If she had been drugged by someone else, this would be a completely different story.

    She's allowed to feel like she's been raped, I'm not angry because of this. Taking advantage of a woman in any circumstance is terribly wrong but for her to lift the blame off of her shoulders and onto society's, I think is very irresponsible and a cry for attention/pity from people around the world.

  14. 432233_396893077004339_100000509517296_1580352_997556077_n.jpg


    Edit: fucking 12 000 shares and counting? the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck (on facebook)

  15. Yeah.. I made the mistake of listening hoping for a great metalcore album. I view them more as a 'heavy' djent band now and I'm enjoying it a lot more. Shiiiiiiit I still need to post a pic of the kit!

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