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  1. @jayrock

    If she's going with it, I don't see a problem. Not every woman jumps in bed with a guy they've recently met. The way you're acting could be refreshing to her and really appreciated.

    If I were you, I would probably try to get the relationship started sooner than later but don't try to get in her pants or anything (unless, of course, she wants to hahaha). Think back to the high school days haha. It could be a really cool experience that would allow you to appreciate every moment you spend with her.

    Movies are always fun. Not as a first date but later on, as you're building a relationship, they can be a bonding experience. The fact that you're in public, the whole post-movie walk and urrrrthang. Keep us updated!

    PS: Djrajio repped his own post flaunting the half-decent woman he now knows to get it out of the red... Fixed it.

  2. Im about 6'3 - 6'4 where i hang out, I'm a giant.

    edit: I feel where hahapete is coming from. it all depends on where you're at. I can hang out with a certain group of people and be average or even the shortest du there or chill with another and be the jolly green.

    I always imagined you as 5'7-5'10. Your posts are going to be even funnier now for some reason...

  3. ^Okayokay, nicely played. You might get called out on the last night thing but I've been in the exact same situation and as much as I love to say I ended it cold turkey (and with a lot of anger), I would've probably wanted a 'last' night for some reason. Ended up sleeping with her friend a month later lololol.

    I don't always agree with what you post but stick around man.

    Worst Waywt is probably the most boring thread right now because of his stupid fucking 'UC chumps trend hopping Reebok Pump hypocrite' bullshit.

  4. Pardon the shit quality, somehow my iphone doesn't like mirrors.

    The arm/shoulder still need to be done. The phoenix's tail will be going down to my elbow.

    Shit ton of colour left to do as well :( SOOO LONG.


  5. I didn't know legs could be so tiny :/

    Oh and I lolled really hard to this: He sooooo avant-guard fashunzzz


    Julius Leather jacket

    Julius Pants

    Julius T-shirt

    Julius Belt

    Julius Necklace

  6. edit: lol @ people being offended by rajio calling them chumps. this is the chump therapy thread. from a lot of the shit i read here and when i evaluate my own actions, i must say, everybody seems to be a chump at some point...

    Haha it was more of a reaction towards the fact that he excluded himself from that comment.

    As much as this thread is hilarious and sometimes really helpful to others, rajio wouldn't be pulling 7/10s on the daily without his social status/cash flow on top of being a white dude in Asia. He has game but not to the point of calling everyone else chumps.

    He clearly doesn't give a shit about my opinion tho hahaha. Props for that.

    Sober. Yea, agreed. Not sent. Just walking away. New date w new beezy on Sun anyway, fuck it.

    Do it.

  7. .

    I think the problem w/ a lot of you chumps is there isn't any hard/fast rules and only experience will give you the confidence to know when to do something or not and to what degree.

    Lol, post pics of your busted chicks, then reconsider calling all of us 'chumps'.

  8. I guess nowadays, deleting someone off of facebook would be 'burning a bridge'.

    I'm assuming that's the only thing he could've done..

    ^^boy, hit them with a fucking shovel and never look back. Mediocre girls are just worthless.

    edit: LOL @ HOT FRIENDS. Interesting fact..

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