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  1. Definitely going to check that out... 301s is my next pair I think and the dude that owns it used to work for my store.

    I think the only cut they had was 634S at this point. I wonder if they'll get 301S - it's partially designed by Self Edge and might be exclusive to their store.

  2. Robert Geller AW09 BNWT Sz 46 Wool Fencing Jacket

    Bought from joeyformal, but is slightly too short on me. Looking to get back what I paid after shipping and paypal, so $450 USD.

    Fur is detachable.

    If you're in Toronto, then subtract $20 bucks for local meetup.





    Measurements for the fencing jacket:

    shoulders 16.9"

    pit2pit: 19.3"

    length: 25.5"

    sleeve length: 24'

  3. wanted that dipdye hoodie so badly, went into nomad a day after they got their shipment and it was sold out in size 46 (they didn't buy 44...). Tried on the black hoodie in a 46 though, was at least 2 inches too long. Q: Was the dipdye cut to normal length or long like the black hoodie?

    I copped the 46 from nomad the day it got in...sorry man.

    Dipdye fits normal length on me, I'm 6 foot. Email reborn, they might have it in. Looks like Forward is out of the 46 already too.

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