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  1. Just bought the plum jeans. I hope they fit and I hope I can pull them off. I was going to buy the Seventeen Seconds shirt until I realized there was print on the back (do not want) and I considered the Pajama shirt until I realized there were two front pockets (also do not want).

    It's a shame so many of the graphic t's this year have print on the back. I hate that.

  2. Is that actually a law? Or just something restaurants do to protect themselves? Because certain places cook your burger medium rare (Harbord Room, Allen's).

    Burgers aren't meant to be cooked well done imho. Neither are steaks. It's hard for me to take a place like Burger Bar in Kensington seriously when they are overcooking all their meat.

  3. Shipping from Toronto, local meetup available and knock 10 bucks off the price.

    B.Son SOLD

    Chronicles of Never Wool Hoodie (Size Small) $75

    Retailed for around $300, I bought for around $200, but don't wear it much. Hard to measure this piece. It's from a few seasons back. Will try to find a pic on web. Made of lambswool. Fits drapey. Piece on front is longer.


  4. I've had the lessor expensive Czechoski burger. I remember it being good, in that kind of juicy, boutique beef kind of way.

    Yeah, I think the most anyone should pay for a burger plus side is 20 bucks.

    The burger at Harbord Room fits that bill and they also make their own condiments (mayo and ketchup) which adds to it. I had it with a pint on their back patio - good casual dinner.

  5. if its like 4am, just stumble over to the Lakeview

    mind you, i only have their food at that time of night, so i'm not sure i'm all there (mentally) to be able to rate it accurately

    There is nothing special about their burger. Good for drunken chowing down though.

  6. The problem with Oh Boy and BQM is that they cook their burgers well done. Burgers should be medium or medium rare. I actually had a really bad burger at Oh Boy - the bun was cold and generic, the bun is pivotal to a good burger.

    Harbord Room has the best burger I've had in Toronto. Allens on the Danforth also has a really good one. Le Select has a good lamb burger.

    Beyond that, if you want cheap, people seem to like Dangerous Dan's on Queen East. Some people also dig Craft Burger on King West.

    And here's BlogTO's opinion: http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_burger_in_toronto/

    That's all I got.

  7. I appreciate you have provided pics, but I want to know if it fits ''tightly'' on you, as in, slim-fitting. Also, would you say this is an appropriate jacket for the winter months?

    It's slim fitting, fits about the same as any Geller 46 outerwear would.

    Winter months? Yeah, it's wool. I mean it's a piece that you'd want to layer with a cardigan or something, it's pretty versatile.

  8. Arcade Fire are doing a secret show this Friday at the Danforth Music Hall. Tickets are door only so you are going to have to line up if you want to see them... which is why I am passing.

    Lineup or overpay on craigslist. I'm unlikely to do either.

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