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  1. god, i hate waiting for LOST to come back with new episodes.

    we still have suchhhhhhhhhh a long wait before the new season. i'm tempted to just ignore the season and watch it all when it comes on DVD...but i don't have the willpower.

  2. KMW Rockers Raw 32x34 (Tagged Size)

    $140 --> $130 --> $100 US shipped (Paid $275 Cdn. initially)

    Soaked once, worn about 20 times over the past year. Abit of wear on back pockets and in crotch. These are too big for me now, as I've lost weight. I'd like to sell and then buy them again in a Size 29.

    Approximate measurements:

    Waist: 33.8

    Inseam: 35.5

    Front Rise: 10

    Knee: 8.5

    Leg Opening: 7.5


    By zimmerman647, shot with iPhone at 2008-11-05


  3. so, i want new denim and i jumped of the sfxdb pair. really digging the bsp's.

    My eternals size 32 measure 32, and would say that that is my true waist size.

    So the question is, what size in bsp's? i could definately deal with some pain in the waist the first couple of days. Size 33 seems ok, and now to the final question, how much does the leg opening shrink?


    what does your waist measure? if you're willing to put up with pain and want a slim look, i'd size down 1. if it's too tight presoak, then just do a short warm soak.

    i've heard these stretch out quite liberally.

  4. Actually the flat ones are the newer version.

    We only use deadstock vintage buttons and the roundish ones ran out...

    i wish i had the roundish ones on my black version. i much prefer my gray short sleeve SE shirt based solely on the awesome buttons.

    will have to post pics of my black though...i've washed it several times and it's a nice blue now.

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