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  1. everyone keeps mentioning a dipdye hoodie but all i've seen so far is a crewneck?

    revolve posted that they were getting mainline in last week but still haven't. i'm curious what their buy might be. slept on the purple denim at blackbird :(

    There are pics of it on the keyshop blog, I think.

  2. Let me know how it fits! The ribbed cuff button down was a favorite of mine but the shoulders fit a bit weird... it was kinda tight and I couldn't get a 44/46/48 to fit right o_O The first time I've had that issue w/ a geller shirt but maybe I just wasn't used to the fit?

    No, you're right, it's tighter in the shoulders - not by a lot but I notice it. As well, the upper arms are slimmer, so it would be an issue if you had bigger biceps.

  3. Called assembly in New York, got through to the Pop up store for Geller - they don't do phone orders though.

    J&O has a few mainline Geller items in now. I bought a button down, the Ribbed Cuff one. Overpriced, but I had a bad day and felt like blowing some dough.

  4. I tihnk JO would have mentioned getting in geller mainline if they did. Nomad doesn't have it in yet. I like that raglan tshirt from geller seconds but not for any more than $50.

    Yeah, I checked out J&O, Geller seconds was underwhelming at that price. Tried on the cardigan, balked at the $200 price tag.

  5. Anywhere in Toronto have their Spring Geller stuff in yet? I would assume both Nomad and J&O have orders...but haven't seen an update on the blog.

    I guess J&O has their Geller Seconds in, maybe I'll make the trek.

  6. oh wow i thought he was at the phoenix

    i am glad i didn't get tickets now as i have vowed to never set foot in the kool haus again

    I think he is at Phoenix...unless they changed the venue? If they did, I share your thoughts, almost pulled the trigger on tickets myself.

  7. Hello I got directed here - any chance anyone here knows where in Toronto to grab dior homme jeans? Looking for the black raws, and Holts doesn't have them anymore.


    Nowhere, that I know of. Get a NYC proxy, I think TheGrapist on sufu would be your best option.

  8. lol, thats crazy, gonna wait for sale time think I got the F/W08 knit cardigan for like $200

    Yeah, was in reborn today and the geller is so overpriced. Screw that.

    As for last season's stuff, not much left...just a 48 in the black bib long sleeve and a 48 in a cossack jacket, both 60% off.

  9. zimmer; there were a bunch of tanks left, the wider-cut and summer weight denim, and a few oxfords all in 46 when we left. You get the petroleum denim ones? They only had a single pair and they were 46, needed a 48.

    time to pass out.

    yeah, got the petroleum. weren't any 46s in the tanks left when i was there again (with friend) around 6:30, ah well.

  10. My pair is a tagged 32, and they measure a 34 or so now. They stretched a whole lot in the first day or so of wear, and then a negligible amount after that.

    I'd agree, they don't stretch a great detail.

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