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  1. allens is a pretty good burger. now allens calamari.. thats some shit

    they also have one of the best patios around

    Yeah, I like Allen's...I'm just rarely on the Danforth.

    Great patio, solid beer selection, awesome burgers.

  2. bier markt is in the yuppie douchebag capital of the world.

    bier markt...had to eat there for a work thing the other day - burger was decent, but 25 bucks...fuck that shit, i'd rather have burger's priest

  3. Can anyone suggest me a good seafood joint? I'm talking about the downright hearty seafood - fried calamari, mussels, oysters, clam chowder/seafood stew.

    Oyster Boy ain't bad either.

  4. save my money for the next season or buy something nice now? The problem is I cant find an online store that holds a substantial amount of RG for me to see...sigh. Anyone thinks whats the signature this season?

    Not sure there's a signature piece. Maybe the Moto jacket, though I haven't seen it in person yet.

    What I purchased:

    Gigs t-shirt, Painted t-shirt

    Short sleeve plaid shirt

    Student Cardigan

    Hoodie in red

    I'll prob pick up a tank on sale eventually. Other than that, I'm pretty much done.

  5. Who told you this? I was in store today and was told the bulk of the order will come end of March...

    Nomad in toronto is processing their RG first delivery soon be online within the week:

    - S/S torn collar shirt

    - Student sweater

    - Zipper blazer

    - Cadet Jacket

    - Flight shorts

    - Treated slim denim

    - David Glasses (sunglasses and eye)

    - Andreas Glasses (")

    - Marcello Glasses (")

    - Joseph Glasses (')


    Glad to see someone get a few frames.

  6. Agreed. Any updates are always welcome - I'd rather support local and sufu updates on arrivals are just another tool to make it easier.

    I am sure no one will care you posting new arrivals... At least I won't care as long as they don't care when I post when my shop Motoretta gets hillside and 3sixteen this spring... As well ad others.

    It's always good to see what's available locally. We can get anything through the web but supporting the locals is key.

  7. pretty sure there are going to be dip-dye sweaters that are not 3/4th sleeves. I cant believe some of the stuff is sold out already...

    Yeah, I'm not digging the 3/4th sleeves on the shirt or sweater...not my thing, especially on the denim shirt.

  8. I found a pair of Paul Smith specs that I loved at Spectacle on Queen who quoted me $800 with lenses. Found an optometrist in the college park shops who carry Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith and ordered them from there. Ended up costing $345 after their student discount.

    Yeah, Spectacle is outrageous. Both their frames and lenses are fuckin' pricey.

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