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  1. ^ True. I've seen it happen to a couple of people , myself included.

    Driving down the street and saw a dog in the middle of the road, fucking tripped and thought it was a lion. You can imagine how fast my homies and I drove away.

    Anyway, personally I love vapes. Basically odorless, colorless, smokeless. Plus, it's the cleanest way to smoke, and gets you the ultimate potency of your bud :) Sick shit.

  2. I took the US History one the day after the AP USH test. Came home from the AP test dicked around all day and didn't study at all. Ended up with 800 on the subject test and a 3 on the AP :confused:.

    biology - ecology version was way easy as well.

    holy shit.

    yeah I probably shouldn't have waited till senior year to take the subject SAT for hist.

  3. Holy shit some really smartasses here :(

    Naaa branesplode, this was my one and only chance, I miscalculated how many times I'd have to take the SATs... apparently just this once. haha

    Subject Tests on Dec 6th though, what do you guys think were the easiest subjects? For people who suck at math, at least.

  4. I wonder how this dude feels about being put on blast by younger folks on an internet fashion forum. Something he can tell his grand kids someday, I suppose.

    I agree with what someone said before, each piece is do-able, but I think it's his body type that makes it epic fail.

    Someone with different charisma nd steez could probably pull off a similar look.

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