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  1. no party will ever represent all of your views. there are too many issues for that to ever be the case. stop being a baby.

    so true

    this year's race is going to be amazingly close, I think...

    maybe SUFU independents will swing the vote.

  2. Not sure if this is the right thread but quick question for those in the know:

    How easy is it for an out of state graduate in International Relations (Spring '09) to apply/get into FIT as an International Trade & Marketing major? Relatively easy since they'd want to rape me for out of state tuition?

    I'm applying for FIT as well, and I'm all the way in California (yeah, stupid, I just wanted to see if I'd get in really)

    I think it'd be fairly easy, as long as your secondary school grades are high...

    and as someone said before, I think it's easier if you're a girl, haha.

  3. Women's Flat Head Balder jeans.. they'll be back in stock October 9...

    We can't wait.. the emails about these jeans have been non-stop since we initially got them in..

    Holy shit seriously? That might be the next break in my bank :(

  4. Epicccc.

    Nah they're SSK tagged 26x34, yet I think they're still stretched at around 26 size waist. Nudie 26 feels tiny!

    Yeah the problem with this is that seriously premium denim usually doesn't run any smaller than around 24, especially for guys. Fail. I don't know if I could pull off the high cuff 501s though it's worth a try. I'll try to get some to try on to see if the fit's any good. Thanks though!

  5. Really? Cool

    I'm finally at a perfect size 26x34 in my nudies after stretching them out for about 2 months. I'm down for slim fits, not too fond of the way bootcut stacks look on me, or nearly any other girl for that matter.. Whatcha think then?

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